Monday, February 28, 2011

Denim, Chambray, Denim, Applaud

So sorry I haven't updated in what seems like a light year or two! I've been so busy/stressed/miserable at my store. There's always a million things to do and not enough time and surprise! I'm not allotted for overtime, normally. But I can't even say that really, because last week I was at 45 hours for the week. Oh the life of a visual merchandiser manager...kawawa.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is a pretty big icon for the spring runway this year. It's cool because his collections inspired two of our current shops in our company. Denim with liberty floral prints and denim. Chambray with realistic floral prints and chambray. It's just a big ole' denim orgy. The country girl look is cute, okay. But I'm not really down with the look 100%, hence why my chambray is mixed with leather. Totally cute to go with a chambray oversized woven with a fitted floral dress underneath, but with ankle combat boots like Docs. None of this pointed toe brown suede ankle boot. I have nothing against it. I just can't do it.

If Hill Harper wasn't a skadeuche, then I would have been wearing my leather jacket, but apparently, models have no say and no one cares about the models ha!

Latest news though! I got an offer out in Santa Barbara for a new H&M opening there. Unfortunately I couldn't take the offer considering that I still have business to tend to down here at the beach and I have to be in Santa Barbara within the next 2 weeks. I am going to LA on the 7th, so technically I could just not come back ;] But that'd be wrong and unprofessional and I'd be dropping out of school again, defeating the whole purpose in its entirety. So until something pops up in this shithole, I'll be here.

Chambray Zipper Front Strapless Dress - $24
Black Knee High Moto Boots - $22

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