Wednesday, May 16, 2012


I wanted to say thank you for the support from the beginning. But I think you all can tell that my heart just isn't into it anymore. Plus, I feel weird meeting people that have gotten tips from my blog.

I will be making items though for sale. High rise denim shorts with stud/spike detail and some other revived goods from our closets. Visit my Etsy!

I'm still here though.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Used to be, would have, you get it

What's good.

I'm deteriorating. Well, if that was actually happening right now obviously not. But I feel like it. Health-wise, eh, not top notch. And as a registered nursing student? Kawawa. School and work are kind of getting the best of me. I'm kind of still satisfied with my decision to put fashion as a lifestyle behind me. I can make fashion a hobby. I can't make registered nursing a hobby. 

I remember last year at the store we barely had any crop tops or "baby" tees or "belly" shirts. It's a crop top but anyways. Yeah, last year we barely had any and the ones we did have sold through so fucking fast it was unbelievable. Even ugly ones! Well, then it grew to piss all of us off whenever someone would say, "Do you have any crop tops?" 
"It depends, what do you want on the top"
"Oh I mean anything." what if the fucking shirt said, "I'm fucking retarded." Sad thing is, most of them would buy it because they ALL went, last year at least. 

Anyways, summer's seriously right around the corner and I'm dreading it. The only thing I enjoy about the summer is that I'm most definitely allowed to wear the bare minimum. I'm just terrified of the sun haha I don't want a tan. When summer comes rolling through, trends and shit don't even matter to me. Style, whatever. It's fucking 90 degrees outside and my apocrine glands are seriously going at it with each other. Top, shorts, boots or sandals. Bam. Just bring in sweet pieces, and I mean sweet enough to stand alone and still be sweet. 

Avec l'amour, 

Friday, March 9, 2012

High Rise Vs. High Waisted

There's a difference between knick and knack. Well, at least I forced a connection between the two. Anyways knick one relates to accepting less than what I want. I'm always on the hunt for a good pair of high waisted pants/shorts. Wouldn't really settle for less before. Now, totally okay with high rise instead. Learning how to accept mid rise but no-can-do on the low rise. Most of the pants I have bought in the past couple of months have been high rise and they're a pretty good fit. I thought it'd make me look stupid but it actually looks better than high waisted.  

Basically, get on that variety thing. 


Thursday, March 8, 2012

In my favor, opposites end up actually attracting.

Whenever I'm observing customers walking around my store, I definitely gaze at their outfits anywhere from a few seconds to the entire time they are in my shop. Weird I know but I am an observer. I look at every little buckle, button, origin of print, etc. I even look at the customers' faces and hair and build. I'm going to just now say that I don't see this often but when I do see this, I'm kind of intrigued. 

Remember what I had mentioned about individuality? You all have your own flares and you have to use it to the best of your abilities. What do you have that makes you different than the girl next to you? Can't use piercings or tats anymore because y'all trend snappers ruined it for us all. Whether it's your hair color, the way you smell, whatever! You have something that that other girl doesn't have. That's for your big "ha ha" moment. 

Well for me, I like opposites. I like making connections between things, and sometimes forcing connections. Recently I had decided to ease up on the shopping in the darker sections. I'm kind of growing up a bit and I realized that my clothing doesn't quite say nice things about me. So lately, I've been buying a bunch of girl shit. Yeah, girl shit. I'm waiting for some high rise pants to come in as well as paper bag trousers and leather skimmer tan flats. Granted I did buy a pair of harem pants, but they were American Apparel and I kind of had to. Otherwise, it would've been betrayal ahuhuhuhu ! But anyways, while I only have 2 "modest" outfits, I have to make due with what I have. I'm totally fine with looking like a Courtney Love that showered or like a Tila Tequila (for you ignorant assholes) that left the adult industry to pursue a career in psychological engineering. Almost like the theory for the mullet; business in front, party in the back. 

Basically, I just feel like it's important to emphasize that you cannot let your flare go while you're going about different looks. I'm not totally ditching my boots or booty shorts or baby tops. But I'm making it work. Granted it's not genius, but it suits me. And I still remain a mystery. Enjoy the weather today all you east coasters. 

With lots of love, 

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Like one of those epilogue/prologue kinds of things


Basically, well obviously is probably the better word here. Obviously, I have neglected any thought to an update. Dealing with the loss of my best friend and dearest cousin Daboy kind of set me back a little bit on a few things and I'm sorry but this blog was not priority. But I fell hard and realized that a few things had to change for the better. I did it for him but now, I've come to that point where I now realize that this is what I want to do. Oh, and I'm a spoiled, studious daughter and I got a new Macbook Pro for my birthday coming up on the 15th :D 

Working at Forever 21 still -_- Yeah. I don't even do smiley faces like that! But it's the best expression. There's just been a lot of things going on that makes my job as a visual merchandiser almost unenjoyable. Visual standards are always changing and we receive no reassurance what so ever on if we're doing something correct. At this point, whatever right? Oh, and my patience is wearing thin. I actually have a good amount of patience in general. I don't mind waiting in traffic. I don't mind sitting at the bank for an hour. But my patience with people is what concerns me, specifically our everyday ignorant customer. Perfect example would be from tonight's fiasco. Alright first off, Sunday we began our floor set and we worked overnight into the wee hours of the morning. While everyone was off today, I had to come in at 4pm after just getting off at 530am the same day. My choice, I needed tomorrow off. Back on subject! Tonight, I was working on a project when this girl, maybe about 15-16, came up to me and said, "So like, where are like, your umm...your like dresses?" Normally I pause for a second before I let my laughter come out of my mouth and then I proceed to ask, "Well what kind of dress are you looking for?" This time, yeahhhhhhh I definitely just laughed out loud. Girl got embarrassed and walked past me like she'd find it herself. Walk to your right, fuckass. Follow the trail of glitter, sequins, and sensors. 

Eh sorry, that kind of didn't have to be that long but that was more of a rant than anything. But yeah back to the original point. It's not quite satisfying anymore at the end of the day to know that I helped some asshole find their ideal club dress, or another club dress in her size. I also don't want to get my degree in fashion merchandising to continue working in a retail environment for just a $2-$4 boost in my pay. Some people have that degree and that's cool and I'm still kind of jelly. I'm just saying, it's not my cup of tea, especially with the time frame I have to fuck with. So, (drum roll here), I changed my major to Registered Nursing. Ha, right? I have my goals set for my BA and possibly my Master's to be a nurse practitioner. I'm particularly interested in pediatrics and orthopedic nursing. I'm on my first semester and I've actually got a solid GPA and I'm doing pretty damn good for my first time in Anatomy and Physiology. You know where you're in high school and it's a burden to you because you don't want to be there? Obviously there's probably a combination of reasons why you don't want to be there but basically, you weren't interested in learning what they had to teach us. I actually look forward to going to classes now. Quite nerdy actually but I don't care. This is probably the smartest decision I've ever made for myself and my future family to come someday before my eggs are no bueno hahahahaha sorry that was immature. 

Also, this is probably the main reason why I've decided to do all of this. I met this girl in my store a long time ago and said that her friend, my friend as well, told her to check out my blog for fashion tips or whatever and she's been reading as I update. She said I had good words and that I was real "blassez blah" but that she liked it. I saw her from time to time in my store after that day and I noticed that she actually had a few pieces I had mentioned here. I saw her in darker colors with short shorts and etc. Daboy was a firm believer in individuality. I actually tattooed it on my arm. "Everybody wants to be somebody, but no one wants to be themselves." I kind of wish I hadn't even started the blog because I kind of strayed off path. I wanted, at first, for this blog to be based on individuality. Everyone has their own flare. I'll rephrase it, their own flare. You should embrace it and use it. I guess I'm just weirded out at seeing this girl with the exact same outfit I had on for one of my shoots. The exact same. And well, I don't know. I guess I just like being that mystery. I don't want someone else to be the same mystery. That's no fun. 

To be honest, I haven't slept since Sunday and I'm butt-fucking tired. Maybe tomorrow on my day off I'll do a little something something since it's a very important day tomorrow. 

Although most of you all haven't met my cousin Daboy, you would've loved him like me and my family loved him. Remember Da Ibanez today. One sad year already passed, but I'm just one year closer to seeing you. I love you. 

With lots of love, 

Friday, September 2, 2011

Etsy Etsy Etsy!!!

Real quick update! My Etsy site is:

I just posted some accessories there. Happy shopping! I actually plan on updating that frequently, meaning I might as well update this one at the same time ;D

Avec l'amour,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last half: The tribute

I'm hoping that by now most of you that have read the last entry would've caught the star of the tribute. If not, yikes. High waist shorts. I used to wear those bad mamajamas everyday. Not a day went by without a pair. I was highly against pants or anything that covered my legs, besides my thigh high boots. I also mentioned that I didn't fuck with accessories because I was just too old school for that shiny shit. Well, basically that's all out the window. I spend 40 hours a week at Forever 21. I spend more time there, awake at least, than I do at my own home. The dress code has become so stupid serious for no god damn reason. So instead of wearing cute shorts with stupid sweater-like leggings, I might as well just get used to the idea of pants.
Slowly but surely, I've been building my collection of harem pants. I didn't fuck with them for a while, but seriously? It's one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn. Stupid comfortable. And especially at work? Bending down and getting on ladders and shit? It works. Even though I've been to work in a short body con skirt, 10 feet above the ground on a ladder, hanging banners or some shit. I mean, do you have a banner to hang in the next 15 minutes? Probably not, man. Oh but back on track, I even invested in some of those jeggings shits and a new pair of 1/2 leopard pants. I've been wearing longer shirts with little to no silhouette at all, strange right? I'm steering towards this grunge bohemian asshole. And accessories! I've been wearing them. Slowly building up my collection of chains, crucifixes, feathers, and pendants.

But just so we're clear, I still would wear a pair of shorts over pants. All day.

Avec l'amour,