Friday, September 2, 2011

Etsy Etsy Etsy!!!

Real quick update! My Etsy site is:

I just posted some accessories there. Happy shopping! I actually plan on updating that frequently, meaning I might as well update this one at the same time ;D

Avec l'amour,

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last half: The tribute

I'm hoping that by now most of you that have read the last entry would've caught the star of the tribute. If not, yikes. High waist shorts. I used to wear those bad mamajamas everyday. Not a day went by without a pair. I was highly against pants or anything that covered my legs, besides my thigh high boots. I also mentioned that I didn't fuck with accessories because I was just too old school for that shiny shit. Well, basically that's all out the window. I spend 40 hours a week at Forever 21. I spend more time there, awake at least, than I do at my own home. The dress code has become so stupid serious for no god damn reason. So instead of wearing cute shorts with stupid sweater-like leggings, I might as well just get used to the idea of pants.
Slowly but surely, I've been building my collection of harem pants. I didn't fuck with them for a while, but seriously? It's one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn. Stupid comfortable. And especially at work? Bending down and getting on ladders and shit? It works. Even though I've been to work in a short body con skirt, 10 feet above the ground on a ladder, hanging banners or some shit. I mean, do you have a banner to hang in the next 15 minutes? Probably not, man. Oh but back on track, I even invested in some of those jeggings shits and a new pair of 1/2 leopard pants. I've been wearing longer shirts with little to no silhouette at all, strange right? I'm steering towards this grunge bohemian asshole. And accessories! I've been wearing them. Slowly building up my collection of chains, crucifixes, feathers, and pendants.

But just so we're clear, I still would wear a pair of shorts over pants. All day.

Avec l'amour,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1/2 a bucket filled with accessories

Hmm, so you know those times where you run into an old friend at a party? You know, the friend that started hanging out with your boyfriend while you were away at work and was so judgmental about people that do or did drugs, drank alcohol, had premarital sex or liked drinking caffeine? Then come to find out that that girl turned out to be a slut and she's now the jump of the party that you saw her at? Yeah, that friend. Anyways! You know how awkward it is when you kind of get caught looking at them and don't know what to say? Yeah, that's kind of what I'm saying now. Sorry guys.

Some things have occurred within the past couple of months that, well I'll just say it, I'll get kind of upset writing and then I'll lose my focus and just stop writing. But I kind of needed this right now. So! Guess who is NOT going to be in the fashion industry after all? Moi. And I'm not bulging either. Knowing my personal limits and, well, the absolute truth, I've made up my mind to pursue a career as a psychiatrist. I'm going to finish up down here and get my Bachelors in Psychology. Hopefully, a 3.7 is achievable. Maybe higher! Eh, I know me. Fack. Anyways! As soon as I'm done with that I plan to go to a medical school for the next hand full of years to get my M.D. in Psychiatry. I can't convince myself anymore that touching clothes and kissing ass by telling overly big girls in denial of the existence of an extra large that they shouldn't wear that body con dress is what I was born to do. Visual merchandising, the field alone, has opened my eyes to a whole new world it's stupid crazy. I know that I progress each day and that I'm good at what I do. But I mean, it's just not what I want to do anymore. I'm late on bills and shit because I can't stop buying clothes. Oh! Which reminds me. Ugh, goddamnit I'll come back to that. I just want to push myself to my fullest and I think being a psychiatrist would be in the right direction, ya? Eh, you probably don't even know me. I just want to ensure myself that me and my family are going to have a good life. I'm young, so I gotta take advantage of it.

Okay, back to the buying clothing problem. I've resorted to really learning how to uniquely destroy or revive previously worn clothing. I have set up an Etsy store under the same name as my blog (thegirlyeye) and I will be selling vintage goods, handmade headbands, earrings, and perhaps necklaces. You'll notice the phases once I start posting newer accessories. Super excited for everything, honestly. I've never felt like this. Never felt so close to that warmth a close friend had told me about. I stay smiling.

I will post the remainder of the post tomorrow afternoon as soon as I get off of work. Actually, give me time to take a nap and prepare shits for dinner. The second half is a tribute. You can guess from the snap below. And if you think about the picture again, I'm wearing one big ass accessory. Oh, ha and sorry American Apparel about your muniez. But thanks for the help with the raw atmosphere in my photos ;D Thanks guys. You guys have been pretty awesome.

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Thursday, July 21, 2011

You know what I hate? Girls that call them belly shirts.

I really do apologize for the delay in an update. It's been what, almost a month? I don't have a real hard grasp on time anymore. I've been searching for happiness in what seems to be a figment of my own imagination. But I will say that each day is getting a little bit easier. And when I say a little bit, I mean bite size.

Back to business though.

At least once during a shift I will come across a little girl asking for a belly shirt or a shirt that comes up to here, pointing at the bottom of their AAA cup b00biez. I try not to be bitter and snooty but sometimes it's just hilarious because they act like I'm an idiot for working at a retail store. I have dreams and nightmares about someone placing a black body con skirt in my section when it's not called for, or exploding placement racks or someone placing a ditzy floral blazer in my section when I only get black and navy double-breasted blazers with military buttons. I could go on and on about this rant. I got an interesting email a while ago about what a typical merchandiser with Forever 21 thinks of. Ha you really wanna know? I'll use today as an example.

Should the face-outs be book ended at the middle of the wall or the outer panels? I don't have enough shelf brackets. If I add a sandwich shelf to the top of the wall, the porcelain hands will pass the border or the wall, meaning I can't even fucking use it. Fuck fuck fuck. Oh well. I'll make the walls bright and the fixtures pastel and maybe a few other fixtures primary colors. Oops. I don't have enough brights to stretch onto the other wall. Well then one wall can be brights and the other can be pastel and I'll divide the fixtures per wall. Single item yellow and teal shorts, but they're both technically pastel. If I use patchwork dresses as the bookmark on this wall, I gotta use it on that wall. I don't have enough long sleeve stripe sweater, but I have a stripe tank that matches that color. But if pink is here then blue has to be next to mirror the wall. Everything is everywhere and I need to sort, but I need to fake this section out. Stop touching my rack. Do 15 year old girls wear scarves to school? I have miscellaneous promotional items but where do I put it? Not on a 4-way or a chang or my wall. Fuck it. It's going on the 4-way. Those flowers are too similar to be paired in the same outfit. Are overalls considered bottom elements or dress elements? Well since there's only 4 I'll use this on the faceout. Wait, I can't. It's pastel and not bright. Fuck, it's 4 o'fucking clock already? Shit.

Everyone in the retail industry is preparing for the back-to-school theme. We started our's already. Of course, school. So you know that stripes and blazers and railroad striped shorts are pretty important to have. Alexa Chung based. And then you have to have a grunge section all the time, and the way I merchandised it made it seem not so poser-like. Not trying to sound full of myself, but I don't understand why I was never given the alt sections. I was always stuck merchandising tribal prints or stripes or florals. Anyways, thank Chloe Sevigny for that section.

As far as my style goes, I'm actually noticing the variety. I went on a date with my friend Kris and she and I had scored big time at Ross. I never go in there because I normally don't have time or the patience but this time, I was forreal looking. I walked out with $90 bucks worth of goods that should have cost me more. I'll take pictures of them whenever I have more time. But here's what I got!

1. Black cable knit oversized sweater with tassle detailing
2. Olive and dusty pink short sleeve chiffon crop top with buttons down the front
3. 3/4 sleeve green paisley and leopard print top with sequin detailing (worn as a dress since it's plus size)
4. Zebra print v-neck crop top
5. Muted paisley scarf
6. A true satin leopard print gown from Africa
7. Cream lace vest with mesh detailing
8. Body con zebra print skirt
And I feel like I'm forgetting something but if so, I'll update that shit later.

It's seriously amazing though how much shit you can get if you just spend a little time digging and searching. I've been on a happiness-searching adventure and what I'm learning now is that I need all the patience in the world to get me through my endeavors. Maybe that's why I feel a little more successful this time. I don't know though. Still there's always an ache somewhere.

Here's number 2. I'll try to make this more frequent. I love you all still, minus you you little wench.

Je vous le promets. Je reviendrai à vous.

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two sizes too big and a raincheck

I know I know. Some of you have written me with letters of worry and doubt but here I am. Over the past 2-3 weeks I've been kind of taking advantage of it. Ran into a lot of personal issues and endeavors I never thought I'd have to deal with in this manner. Working out the kinks and bends and testing myself as a human being is a lot for me to take in at once. Which is why I've come to the conclusion that I am an alien with girl parts. Letting people go, asking people to come back, it's just a lot over the past couple of weeks. Don't get me wrong. Fashion is always on my mind, which pisses me off sometimes. I did go intense shopping in DC a few weeks ago and was totally flat broke from it. I'm actually rethinking my decision about these AA pants I bought (yes guys, pants) so if I make up my mind to sell it I'll post it on here before I post it on Etsy. Bought some awesome high rise shorts from UO as well. I technically only bought like 4 items and that was $170. What the fuck.

But on a serious note, I'm going to try revamping this thing. I've been so distant with people and obligations that I almost forget everyone else exists. Haven't been eating as much. Haven't been sleeping at all. You all will eventually get to know a lot about me but there are a few stories that I will never tell about. And if you know of them through someone else other than the ones involved, then shame on you because it's none of your business. There's a few stories that ruined me and ruined my love life and etc. I experience ridiculously horrifying nightmares at night, which is why I can never peacefully sleep. Lately I've been getting decent sleep. Tolerable dreams. I just want them to cease. I've been trying to sleep in my own bed again. I've been sleeping on my couch since my cousin passed. But the key word throughout this whole blog entry is try. Or trying. Or tried.

Work is getting harder and harder. Can't hardly wake up on time for work. Overworked to the max. Easily distracted. Ladders falling on my chest. Falling off ladders and hitting my face. Hammering my finger to the wall on accident. Running shoulder first into a face out bracket. And dousing myself with clothes that smell like rotting vagina. Placing 70 of one oversized silk blouse that no one wants versus 6 of these fitted micro dot tiered dresses that everyone will want. But hey, at least I have some awesome co-workers that don't make me feel like a monster like everyone else in the world. Oh by the way, NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS. What happened and what I did years ago has nothing to do with you so why don't you divert your attention to yourself and the process of growing up and maturing than what this little asian girl down at the beach is doing?! Seriously. Oh and another bee tee double you, made a new friend that likes to say goodbye with a peace sign. Here ya go, friend ;D

This may not be a clothing-related post, but I just want to say that I was okay to those that asked and that I still think of this blog and that I still love you all. Well, most of you all with good intentions.

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Inspirations with dedications to Jonny, Catey, and Gaga

Extremey exhausted. Trying to get my social life back in order. Bought 2 guinea pigs and named them Igor and Quazi. And that's pretty much my social update.

Funny how things work out. Jess totally started styling the both of us with random looks and the only look that looks presentable to the public was this one. And now! This entry is dedicated to Jonny and Catey, especially. One afternoon we all hung out and randomly started going on about Gaga and her outfits and they were mentioning their favorite ones and started arguing about a particular look. And then went on to say, "I wish I could roll out of bed in my underwear and just go." Yeah, to be honest I do it to a certain extent but since I'm at work 40 hours a week and they strictly prohibit anything that's ass-eating worthy, it's kind of difficult. I've only actually left the house in my underwear 4 times, seriously. But it's such a rejuvenating feeling that if I were to have more days off of work a week, yeah I'd be walking around this place damn near close to nekkid. Either with a leotard and just some tights underneath is close enough! Now I'm honestly overwhelmed thinking about all the things I really want to buy this Friday on payday that I kind of lost track of what I was saying.

Oh and of course, this is for Gaga since she was the actual start of the afternoon.

Mens oversized striped woven - I stole it from an ex-boyfriend in high school
Black strapless bra - $5 (I've had that bra since I was 12, seriously.)
Black bikini cut underwear - $2
Black tights - $5 Walmart (Only one side is ripped. The more you wear it and stretch it, well, you get it.)
Black leather wedges - $22

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ce n'est pas assez petit

While organizing in stripe hell, I decided to go ahead and scan these sweaters that have been sitting on that one bottom bar for decades. Found out that out of the 150+ sweaters that I scanned, at least 120 were supposed to be marked down. Then! I went on an oversized sweater on clearance shopping spree and as soon as I was leaving a lightbulb kind of ding-ed. CUT IT!! Then I realized, along with the main reason why I run around half naked, is that I like shirts that are way too short. Whether it be just a plain cotton crop, or an oversized woven, or a sweater. Didn't realize I owned as many as I thought I did. Anyways, sweaters in the summer time are obviously not a good mix and match. But! They're super cheap and they're super fun to cut and shred and stretch and sleep in and etc. Seriously, I think I'll just wear a sweater and call it a night.

 Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comme Edie. Pour Edie. Merci Jess.

First off, good morning. Haven't updated yes I know but floorset was ridiculous. I mean, it was fucking ridiculous. I was going to take pictures but I was so goddamn frustrated that I had to question my career in the fashion industry. I even had to question myself as to what was keeping me at that store for the whole shift, minus the 32 oz of Red Bull. The concepts are indeed summer-like, but no one gets the idea if that makes sense. Sure, Vanessa Hudgens is cute with her summer bohemian look, but it's only effective when matched properly with the right intentions. We had another shop inspired by Jessica Simpson -.- Kawawa. Then we had another shop dedicated to Alexa Chung. That section is mine! And pretty lucky that she's got some sort of inspiration on me. Floorset is always a hit or miss thing. You would think as a merchandiser, dealing with floorsets every 6 weeks, it'll get easier. It actually gets harder and much more tedious.

Back when I lived in Norfolk and attended ODU I went through this weird fashion phase where I only liked wearing my boots with pantyhose and either a real short flowy dress or just a huge button up shirt with some skin tight black skinnys. Then of course I wore his boy scout shirt and some band shirts and what not. Anywho, the dresses and the button ups were randomly inspired by Edith Minturn Sedgwick. My hair was cut similar to the cut I have now, except one side was way longer than the other side, and it was more BAM! I used to wear one big ass earring, and one big ass earring only. At one point there was glam, but eh, glam turns eventually and I'm stuck with rusty shit.

Thanks to a lovely friend, JessEEEEEEEca, still kind of doing my thing and just bringing her back. Plus, I didn't even think about this before but Edie? Yeah, she's the main reason why I run around half naked all the time. Leotards, oversized sweaters and wovens with pantyhose, it's actually pretty clear to me now ha! May not be as tiny as she was, but then again, I don't do excessive amounts of drugs anymore. And comfort! Don't tell me that physically it's not comfortable to run around half naked.

Oh! Btw! Hier soir, j'ai regardé le film Mes Chères Études avec Déborah François. C'est triste, mais c'est la vérité, malheureusement. Nous devons être reconnaissant de ce que nous avons. Vous devez regarder le film! C'est en Netflix.

Avec l'amour,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Je suis spécialisée dans les Beaux Art avec une option Lingerie

First off, where would I be without my lovely lady over in France? If I lived in France and stumbled upon this girl on the streets, I'd probably just go ahead and marry her.  Elle est très belle. Je t'aime Kumi' Ko :D

My friend and co-worker Cynthia had a brief comedic conversation about wearing sheer garments without actually wearing something appropriate underneath. Of course I'm not really going to walk out of my house with a black lace crop top and nothing underneath! My bewbies aren't that glamorous to show off to the world. But I do have some sort of self respect. If I wasn't going to work, I'd probably get away with just the black lace crop top and my actual bra. And to be honest, I'll always suggest that to customers whenever they're trying to go out and meet dudes or just trying to go out and feel sexy and really confident in themselves. Everyone's trying to be original so that's going out the window. You have to attempt to make yourself stand out little by little, day my day. Most people think I'm an alien, or that I'm white. Either way, you gotta set yourself up to be in front of everyone else around you. Even if it doesn't work out in your favor, you still tried and you can take your mistakes and learn from them. If everyone around you is wearing button ups with bandeaus, then wear a button up with your actual bra and see what happens. If everyone around you has purple hair, then why don't you dye it green? Same concept, different picture.

Anyways, I'm not really ashamed of what I look like. Not saying I'm proud either, but I'm at a decent level. So if I really wanted to, I could walk right on over to Target next door with my bra and oversized woven shirt and a pair of cut off shorts and my combat boots. It's not like these people know me or care about me. I don't know them and I don't care about them ha! With fashion you have to take risks. You have to mold yourself into a character that's reckless, relentless, ruthless, and just plain out fucked up. What bothers me is when people say, "I think that's cute but I could never make that work." And then I ask, "Well have you tried it?" And their response is, "No but I just know it won't work out." How do you know until you've tried it? How do you know until you've actually worn that outfit for longer than 5 minutes and in a public area? To be honest, I felt that way about harem pants. I felt like I wasn't tall enough to wear them. However, I did try them on and with a pair of strappy Alex Wang-like heels, look at me. I'm wearing harem pants successfully. If my cousin Da were around still, he'd think those pants were so dope on me. And he'd be so proud of me that I am still alive and kickin' it and still walking in his memories. Carrying him in my heart. Building my confidence to be stronger. I love you Daboy.

H&M lingerie is probably the best damn lingerie that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Super cute, super scandalous, and super cheap. Yeah, I may work for Forever 21, but I would much rather buy a bra and panty set from H&M anyday. The bra that I'm wearing in the pictures below was $1 on clearance. Even on clearance you can look funky. I'm all about clearance. Don't think I have tons of money! Every chance I get to get a steal deal I'm going for it. And thrift stores? Don't even get me started.

Oh! Tonight is floorset for Forever 21. Every store in the company, I'm assuming, is changing the entire floor to house different concepts and trends for the summer. If I'm lucky, I'll take pictures of my team and I in the act of visual merchandising.

If I were a house wife, I'd probably dance in my bra, underwear, and an oversized woven to someone funky, worthy of bringing back old school Le Tigre. Yes, Deceptacon.

Again, steal a shirt from your guy friend and just don't give it back.

Avec l'amour,