Monday, February 21, 2011

Cotton slinky floral tops and coochie cutters

One of my co-workers, er well really all my coworkers, make fun of how short my shorts are all the time. One friend in particular calls them "coochie cutters." Shae boo, this post is for you.

Unfortunately, the blouse isn't a bodysuit :[ How cute would that have been?! Speaking of which, quick fashion blurt. Bodysuits are so in right now. I know Gaga has already done the trend up by wearing nothing but a leotard, but seriously, it's totally more acceptable. I mean, if I can wear a used condom as a skirt and get away with it, I'm pretty sure you can wear a leotard without any shorts or pants. And on the material, I'm normally not a huge fan of cotton slinky. I normally don't like the way it moves and I don't like the silhouette, but this top is a mix between cotton slinky and just straight cotton. Normally I wouldn't pay $16 for a floral top like that from my store, but that color palette and the cut out detailing? Yeap, I bought it. Eventually it'll shrink to size, or I'll eat a doughnut and fit nothing but that shirt. Yeah, chocolate frosted sounds so good.

And seriously, brushing one's teeth and then drinking a beer is, well, stupid. I know. I did it for the sake of the photograph! Oh! And my hair is not black. It's violet.

Floral Cut Out Back Top - $16
DIY Mom Shorts - Thrift Store $3
Medium Fishnets - $8
Ankle Sophisticate Combat Boots - $23

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