Monday, April 9, 2012

Used to be, would have, you get it

What's good.

I'm deteriorating. Well, if that was actually happening right now obviously not. But I feel like it. Health-wise, eh, not top notch. And as a registered nursing student? Kawawa. School and work are kind of getting the best of me. I'm kind of still satisfied with my decision to put fashion as a lifestyle behind me. I can make fashion a hobby. I can't make registered nursing a hobby. 

I remember last year at the store we barely had any crop tops or "baby" tees or "belly" shirts. It's a crop top but anyways. Yeah, last year we barely had any and the ones we did have sold through so fucking fast it was unbelievable. Even ugly ones! Well, then it grew to piss all of us off whenever someone would say, "Do you have any crop tops?" 
"It depends, what do you want on the top"
"Oh I mean anything." what if the fucking shirt said, "I'm fucking retarded." Sad thing is, most of them would buy it because they ALL went, last year at least. 

Anyways, summer's seriously right around the corner and I'm dreading it. The only thing I enjoy about the summer is that I'm most definitely allowed to wear the bare minimum. I'm just terrified of the sun haha I don't want a tan. When summer comes rolling through, trends and shit don't even matter to me. Style, whatever. It's fucking 90 degrees outside and my apocrine glands are seriously going at it with each other. Top, shorts, boots or sandals. Bam. Just bring in sweet pieces, and I mean sweet enough to stand alone and still be sweet. 

Avec l'amour,