Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pleasure doing business, Mr. Wang

At Forever 21, one of our shops is dedicated to Alexander Wang, not specifically. There are plenty of other designers with similar ideas for the sporty, everyday line. Mixing a long cotton maxi skirt, not too flowing!, with a boxy silk off the shoulder top and some strappy heels or wedges is the whole idea. Or even sweat pants with a pullover hoodie with those same strappy heels! It's crazy how the world of fashion continues to grow. Now we're in the stage where we can wear pumps with our hoodies and yoga pants. Crazy, isn't it? What's crazy, is being a part of an industry that never finishes.

Hoodie cape - ON SALE NOW! $8.99!
Liquid leggings - Up Against The Wall
Strap Wedges - $23

I will be going to Washington, DC this weekend. I will take as many photos as I can. Feel free to call/text/message me on FB/@reply me on Twitter, DM me on Twitter if you're down to join me :]

Avec l'amour,

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