Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dedicated to Hope Hooever

First off, I'd just like to say this chick is really classy ;]

She likes to come up to me at random times with scissors, asking me to cut up her shirt. One time, she came up to me with a shirt totally filled with pen marks. She kept saying how she just bought the shirt and expressed her frustrations to me while waving scissors in the air. Concerned for my friend, I took the scissors and cut the bottom of her t-shirt. Then she proceeded to cut holes over her chest, which totally made the shirt IT! Sometimes when I'm wearing certain shirts, I do the same thing. It's really funny to pull out little thread scissors at a cafe and cut across your shirt and continue to sip your caramel macchiato. And then look around at everyone with the "...the fuck are you looking at?" face.

I remember I showed you one of the most popular methods of cutting a while ago. Remember, the back fringes? Well, whenever the shirt is too loose, obviously, just crop it! T-shirts are great, as usual. But you know what else is great to work with? Cable knit. Before buying those pricey tops and experimenting on those, try going to the thrift store and just picking up a few cable knit, thin or thick, sweaters and experimenting on those!

Oh and can I just say that I'm pretty fucking successful as far as mom-jeans go?! I found the perfect pair to turn into daisy dukes. Even though my legs are chunky monkey, don't give a shit. Before ultimately deciding to get the perfect pair off, try the thrift store. Those jeans were bootcut jeans from Gap at the thrift store. Sold for fucking $3. Tell me...that I'm not...a winner.

Black and white striped cable knit sweater - $9 ON SALE NOW!
Daisy dukes - Thrift Store $3

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  1. dramatic pics! love the cropped sweater <3
    It'll look so gorg too if it unravels a bit as you wear it!


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