Monday, January 31, 2011


American Apparel bodysuits are the shit, seriously. Yeah, they're pricey. But think about it; you get what you pay for! I'd easily drop $50 for a top notch leotard, rather than $7.80 for a regular looking leotard that's going to shred in the wash. You can mix and match almost anything with a leotard. Are you daring enough to wear just the leotard like Lindsay Lohan (shut the fuck up) or Lady Gaga? If you have those stunning long legs then all you need is some elevated pumps a wide brimmed fedora. You can play it safe too! Put some denim shorts over the leotard, but make sure they're a little over your hips. It's so much cuter that way! Gloria-V bodysuits puts a spin on sex appeal. To me, leotards go hand in hand (for some reason) with Madonna and her trends for the time. Pair that up with denim cigarette jeans and some pumps as well. And can't forget the lace! It's so big this season ;] I would highly suggest investing in a bodysuit or two or four!

Avec l'amour,

Friday, January 28, 2011

The high grade ones

People like to joke me about how much I hate wearing lots of clothing at once and how I never wear pants in the winter. There's just some kind of comfort I find in being as close to naked is possible. Why does it matter? I mean, my stuff is similar to your's honestly.

ALSO! I will be out of town for the weekend so I will not be able to post anything until I come back. So sorry, but I have to see my parents for free food and hospitality!

Black Hooded Leather Jacket - $20 Forever 21
White Button Up - Boyfriend
Zebra Print Bandeau Top - $14 H&M
High Waist Sequin Hot Shorts - $20 Forever 21
Black Garter Thigh Highs - $5 Walmart
Black Knee High Moto Boots - $23 Forever 21

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Homemade Cape Made By Nico Alexander

My nephew made that cape for me as a Christmas present. It's so legit. When he's done with fashion school, hit him up. But always remember his name, Nico Alexander. If you'd like to get into further contact with Nico, let me know and I'll send the message his way.

Black/white lace cape with english cone detail - Nico Alexander
Black body suit - $32
Floral tiered skirt with grommet detailing - $7
DIY tights
Black Leather Wedges - $22
Black Fedora - Thrift store

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Always In Tact With The Roots

I didn't post yesterday! I know :[ Ah coo coo. But you know what that means! I'll just posting more than once every day for the rest of my life! In conjunction to this post, I will post another one later tonight relating to the look inspired here.

I also want to address something that almost concerns me. When I first started this blog I wanted it to be extremely personable, but still to the point if you understand. I wanted you all to get to know me, and later on begin to carry a piece of me with you through your daily life, whether you're in line waiting for your venti upside down soy extra caramel macchiato or your venti iced coffee with soy milk and 12 pumps of classic, or you're shopping for a girls night out. I don't want to just be some nameless, faceless person circulating the internet. So on that note! I will not be able to post on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of February. I will be traveling to South Carolina to help open up a new Forever 21. How exciting! Will take many pictures though!

If you're a visual merchandiser,
one tip I can offer is to look at the picture as a whole. Not just your face out at the moment, or your one pink-based top bar. My field visual always tells me that, and it often helps. You should look at that too! If you're trying to get into visual merchandising, I suggest a thorough investigation on the difference between chambray and denim, and heathered and not, and cuffed and rolled, and cream and white. Every bit of color knowledge is so useful. It really does stretch a long way knowing all the colors and matches and etc. But at the end of the day, cream is not white and blue is not teal and red is not orange.

After exposure from the right kinds of kids and the right kinds of music, eventually I turned into something really dark, but often had my girly flings. I used to screan print t-shirts and sell them for stupid amounts, but some people bought it! I always wore studded belts to the side or backwards, and when I did wear jeans they had holes, but only if the jeans were black. If they were blue, they'd have to be cigarettes. I had a thing with cuffing the bottoms of my jeans. Oh you know, the whole new-to-being-indie look. Even though every now and then I would wear ruffles or floral prints or fitted stripes and shit, I always still went home in the dark. The hardcore grunge-y days came around my freshman year until about my early sophomore year. Then I don't really want to talk about what happened in between. In a nutshell, the whole track jacket-skinny jean-saucony wearing thing invaded me. But later on, it became whatever. If you want that true piece of me in the long run, it was because of the drugs. In my early ODU year though (notice I unfortunately said year without an -s), it got darker. And it's still dark! But I try not to let it engulf me as much anymore.

Now, onto the look!
Back then I'd be pretty upset for some selfish reason, but the whole biker/punk style is coming back for the spring. Leather jackets, leather shorts, stud and grommet detailing, moto and military inspired low or high rise boots, the whole deal. That doesn't require much accessorizing. I'll keep it short and sweet for ya, because I know those stupid long technical fashion terms don't make sense. It makes everything sound so much more complicated than it is! But seriously, grab a bunch of thread, dark thread, and tie those shits together onto your wrist. Whenever you go to a venue that requires wristbands before you enter, don't even rip them off. Don't even comb your hair! (Well, you can comb it and make it look not combed. Honestly, I don't even brush my hair.) Don't over accessorize, dude. Chain necklaces/bracelets and studded chokers/bracelets are just a no go. A crucifix here OR there, but that all depends on the piece! You know the whole saying, "Less is more." It really is in these cases.

Black cap sleeve long basic shirt - $2.50
Black denim hot-shorts - $19.80
Black DIY stockings - Anywhere
Raveen Combat Boots - $23.80

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Spring 2011, foreshadowing!

I'm going to hit one at a time. There's so many things that come into mind now regarding the spring 2011 collections all over the world and what they all share in common with the world. Some I dig. Some I really don't.

1. 70's are back! But keep in mind, there are two different types of girls from the 70's. You have the bohemian inspired and the sophisticated one. I'll admit man. I never thought wide leg bottoms would ever come back, but on the right girl carrying the right kind of spirit would make it work. I also never believed that maxi skirts could be worn with anything other than a plaid woven with a fair isle print chunky knit sweater. But, there's always room for me to admit my wrongs.

70's bohemian
Word association: Mary Kate Olsen

Old school "hippie" look. I'd use the word hipster in these situations, but that word has been butchered and abused and now everyone and their goddamn mothers are hipsters.

Anyways, silhouette-less dresses/tunics slim down your overall body outlook. Bell sleeves, or trumpet sleeves, or whatever you prefer to call it is key to the silhouette. Long thick knit oversized sweater tunics make that first impression to be pretty accurate to your intentions. I normally don't go into accessories that much, but clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! As much as I would much rather see it on someone other than me, with the right attire and right shape and build, it would really pull your entire outfit together. Cable knit, chunky knit, fisherman knit, peasant tops, oversized light neutral colored lace, marled, clogs, earth tones, tie dye, and ditzy floral are some of the main elements of this era. Can't quite forget your head pieces and feather and tassle detailing either!

This era is indeed really appealing to the eye and to the overall idea that females are supposedly made out to be angelic creatures. Even at your worst times, you'd still be
as free as Lynard Skynard's bird.

70's sophisticated

Word associaion: Bianca Jagger

This lady knew how to change her whole vibe though just by adding on wide leg denim and tucking in that tunic! Silhouette-less still, but when she moved she moved with elegance. Almost like gliding, but this lady really knew how to move like a lady should move, a lady with the same free spirit as our bohemian girl. Oversized flop hats with a bell sleeve oxford woven and empire waist bell bottoms with clogs were the trio! For the day time sophisticated gals, pearls and subtle diamonds thick coated lips and long eyelashes! For the night time, a little more eyeliner and a touch up on mascara and a dress with a million sparkles from the moon and stars. As much as I'd like to show my versatility, there's just some things I can't show you. I'd rather provide you accurate examples, rather than pictures of me looking stupid. Don't ever forget your icons of the past eras. You can obviously see that we recycle through trends and decades fairly quickly. All these people should remind recognized until it's their time to depart this world. It's funny because when we put outfits together, sometimes we can picture this one person that we claim we don't know or have never seen in real life. I know for me, I get glimpses of old school stars and can never quite remember their names, but they're a huge part of me. These characters continue to build up, and then you can put two and two together, and voila! A 70's bohemian inspired rocker that doesn't wash her hair. Ha, but seriously guys.

Avec l'amour,

R.I.P Leather Shorts

I want to apologize for not posting anything Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I had to work my closing shift and Sunday was my day off to relax and between the boyfriend and friends, I didn't have enough time to post. But here's the deal! For each day that I do not post, I'll post double on one day! How exciting, c'est vrai?! So tonight! Watch out for another post, late night.

Rant of the Day: Don't wear Uggz with a floral dress!
Seriously, those things aren't even that attractive. I know, they keep your feet warm. But I'm just that kind of person that can't sacrifice fashion for weather. Fuck the weather. I'm still going to wear fishnets and hot shorts. I mean, this girl came in wearing the cutest bright colored ditzy floral dress but then had Uggz on and proceeded to ask me if I could pull an outfit for a date. After screening her I then gave her a disclaimer explaining that I can be funky. On my first date I didn't doll up or anything! So I proceeded to pick out a cute blue based floral dress and suggested some brown ankle boots with stud detailing. She asked about a cover up and I just suggested an oversized white woven. She thought it was cute and I thought it was a successful customer service story until she said, "Oh I'll just wear my Uggz with this." I gave up. I give up.

Thanks to my dog, these shorts are long gone. But you can purchase them at

White Woven - Anywhere, really. Thrift stores are your best bet to find the one that fits the best for a low price!
High Rise Leather Shorts -
DIY stockings
Raveen Combat Boots -

Friday, January 21, 2011

A real live flannel! Not this cotton bullshit

Tip of the Day: Plaid does not mean grunge
I know we're all smart in our own ways, but we all have a pretty good handle on common sense, right? *Sigh* I just want to clarify that an oversized plaid flannel does not automatically mean you're back in the days of the punk rock scene where Kurt Cobain just passed. Color does play a role in this. This is where the common sense kicks in. You wouldn't wear an oversized purple and coral plaid flannel with a distressed shirt with some boyfriend cut jeans. Always stick to your primaries, as well as your darks. No fancy swirls here! Oh, and plaid and gingham are NOT the same thing. And houndstooth is not the same either. I mean, just think about it. An oversized plaid flannel top (right colors that is) along with a shredded white tank and some distressed jeans and some boots would have that grunge theme. A fitted primary color based plaid woven with a maxi skirt and a chunky knit fair isle print sweater with some clogs would have that cabin fever in the Netherlands theme. A fitted bright color based plaid woven with a color block cardigan and some blue stone one wash denim and some oxfords would land you in the Fonzy days. Same thing with plaid skirts! Unless there's a chain, then you can twist your way into our old school alternative goth days.

But seriously, by changing the fit and the color and even the length will change your entire look and distort your intentions. Just watch out :]

Avec l'amour,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obviously I'm a girl. So you know I wear a bra.

Tip of the Day: There is nothing wrong with showing off what you have!
My friends and coworkers like to joke on me from time to time about how I never wear clothes, even in the winter time. Winter, summer, spring, apocalypse, typhoon, Jay-Z becoming president, don't care! I never wear enough clothes. It's 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, who knows, maybe colder! But I can't sacrifice my sense of fashion for a breeze or some kind of shit falling from the sky. I know I may come off as trashy, but at least I'm able to walk out of my apartment with a high chin and outrageous self confidence in having a neck breaking outfit.

My favorite question from new comers is, "What are you?" My immediate response, even knowing they're asking about my nationality, is, "Um, I'm a girl." Which brings us to the point of the tip! You know I'm wearing a bra. You can even see the shape of the bra through my shirt. Through most girls' shirts. Obviously, you can't wear some cheap Hanes bra or something like that under a nice sheer blouse. If you can color coordinate or even have that one contrasting color, then that'll definitely turn heads. Who cares if that dude in the corner is looking at your boobs? Aren't we all supposed to have that promiscuous side? I'm not saying you should take off all of your clothes. You're not an escort (and even if you are, I still love and respect you!).

Just be wise about your choice of apparel to go along with your undergarments. You wouldn't go to a business meeting with a sheer ruffle front shirt and a bright red lace bra! Maybe then you'd have to wear the cami. But if you come up to me at my store and bring an oversized seriously sheer top, or even a lace top like I have on in this post, I'm going to recommend just a bra. It shows you have intensity behinds your fashion taste buds. It shows that you don't give a fuck. That's all that matters. Do you feel comfortable? Do you think you look amazing? Are you fit for the occasion? If you've answered yes, then who cares?! Sometimes I feel like fashion ruins us because of the trends, but everyone's trying to be different that we all are alike at the end. So take it to the next step. I mean, what have you got to lose? Fuck a reputation. Fuck the snickering and fuck the gossip and the she-must-be-a-stripper comments. You are what you make yourself out to be. You know yourself better than anyone else. Not the mother fucker next to you or across from you. But the mother fucker that's living and breathing and creating from within you. Embrace that being. Otherwise, fashion means nothing.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

J'espère que--non non. J'ai!

Remember what I suggested about at-first unflattering pieces? This was one of those pieces. This outfit has always been and most likely will always be the neck breaker. Regardless of whether they are looking at my ass or the actual connection with the pieces, it's also extremely comfortable. I highly suggest going to your closest Forever 21 and hunting for simple basic cotton fitted dresses. Not bad quality at all and you're safe putting them in the dryer. For $10.80, that dress was by far one of the best investments of my life.

Fitted Floral Dress $11 -
Cropped Denim Heritage Vest $14 -
Sheer Black Thigh Highs $6 - Forever
Black Combat Boots $22 - Forever
Olive Messenger Bag $16 - H&M

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I said I'd never wear pink

It all started as a dare, but now look! Really though, QUICK BLURT! Never say never, seriously. I didn't think I'd ever wear pink, or florals and stripes together, or even have any other color besides black, white, and grey in my closet. It's always good to explore THE options out there, not your options. Although you might not like the look of a certain dress, try it on anyways. It might be way more flattering on you than you think ;]