Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lingerie in public?

Before I start, I just wanna answer a question from someone. I do my own hair just because I'm poor. I'm in the process of growing my hair out. It's actually the longest it's ever been!

The only thing is I was indoors for this. But I've worn that romper out in public, with black fishnets, combat boots, and a black leather jacket with a black beanie (and a bra!). You're probably like, "What a dingaling!" But really, there's some items in stores like Forever 21 and H&M and Urban Outfitters that look like they should be in a lingerie collection due to the lack of coverage, but they're not. I can see it from others' perspectives. The material is thinner and more sheer and more satin is involved, but then again, I'll pick out a few SKU's with that same exact description that aren't lingerie. So ha.

The key is coverage, not so much material. It's totally cool to show off bust. I would if I had some! But you have to be the responsible judge in determining how much bust is too much. And obviously, if the bottom of your ass cheeks are showing, just tack on some opaque tights. And with shoes? Obvious again. Just can't wear something that screams, "After hours escort!" I like to maintain the whole just-got-out-of-bed look. Quick blurt! If you knew me personally, you'd understand that right on. Really casual with a trashy message, if that makes sense. You have no idea how many people give me shit for wearing lingerie in public. Again, if you knew me in person you'd totally agree with me. But for the random customers that snicker at my satin rompers, ha, those UGGs are cute ;]

Lingerie during the spring was spotted on the runway a few times with slip pieces and select lace and satin bras and some satin corsets with lace trim. But, paired with the right items, it can be a pretty rad outfit. You're the leader in your own world! You can make anything into something. So next time you're not down with the clothes you have in your closet, try digging in your drawers instead and mixing those lingerie pieces into your everyday wardrobe. You'd be amazed to see what you can create.

Avec l'amour,

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here's just a preview

I'm so sorry guys, but I've been sick and miserable and busy and lonely all at the same time. And I'm still waiting for my photographer to send me the pictures from our photoshoot a few weeks ago. But! I am the blonde asian girl. Granted I was opening a new store and working 16 hours in a row, so I wasn't really dressed to impress anyone. But the back of that tshirt is actually shredded and the belt isn't actually going through the belt loops. I wrap the belt slightly below the hem of the t-shirt. And I'm wearing short black distressed denim shorts with my infamous distressed tights. My tights originally were opaque and after wearing those things all the time and washing it all the time, it eventually started fading on the thighs.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Short update!

Fellow friends,

Just so everyone is aware, I have bronchitis. Everything hurts :[ I was going to type up something relating to the "Norwegian" look with fair isle prints and tulle skirts but, honestly there's just no energy there. Maybe later tonight I will update with actual thoughts. Thanks for your patience <3

Avec l'amour,

Monday, December 13, 2010

Q&A: "Can you make your own clothes?!"

In a way this is a yes and no answer. I'm assuming that when people ask me this question that they're asking if I actually sew fabrics together to make an actual garment. Truth is, I don't sew. Can't figure out a sewing machine unless it's from the 20's. I wanted to enroll in dress making classes, but I need to pay my bills somehow. Can't just not work for 3 months! Lost your damn mind. Anyways! I used to be a biggggg DIY girl, until my eyes opened up to the whole world de la mode. But, I never stray too far away from my roots. I'm a fairly big fan on floral, but only select floral. Not a big fan of ditzy or liberty floral. I love lace as well. Black, white, and gray lace preferably. I do like wearing pumps. I do like wearing ruffles, but nothing too crazy. But! You'll never see me without my completely run down pantyhose or my leather combat boots or my event bracelets that I refuse to take off. A trend is a trend, whatever. Trends change all the time. But you're supposed to stay the same.

Huge fan of cutting basic t-shirts. I'm not a basic t-shirt and denim kind of girl. I don't even wear jeans! But sometimes when I have a lot of money I can carelessly spend, I'll cut t-shirts. This is the style of cutting that I do on the majority of my t-shirts. Depending on the fit and the fabric, I'll cut big ass holes in the front and sides and with the holes I cut out, I'll trim thin lines of fabric and hand sew them back on the shirt. Mixing the trashy elements with something girly is never a bad idea. I have a plain basic crew neck shirt with the back cut out like the picture. I'll put a dress underneath of it that poofs out to the extreme. If it's tulle I'm working with, I'll snip parts of the skirt so it looks like the skirt is homemade too. I love the whole homeless look!

The other kind of DIY I like is just sewing shit onto a dress or a shirt that I already own. I did it a lot in high school. Don't have the time to sit and hand sew letters onto things anymore. Anyways, I pick a quote that's long. It's funny when people try to read it. And I just plain and simple, take my choice of cotton and cut out the letters and sew it onto the garment. Printing my own t-shirts was something I did in high school too. It's always a good feeling to make something out of nothing, or in some cases, barely anything. Everyone's always trying to be unique, which is now common, if that makes sense. Just gotta keep going that extra mile to really showcase your originality.

Just so everyone knows! I will be working 13 hour shirts for the next three days. So there's a chance I won't update for a day or two, but there's the big chance that I'll just update later in the night. Don't lose faith in me! I'm still waiting for the pictures from my photographer. And quick blurt! I really appreciate you guys looking at this and referring your friends. Please keep this site going!

J'espère que j'ai répondu à votre question!
Avec l'amour,

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tip #2 : Over-the-knee boots

First and foremost, as of right now, I do not own a pair of over-the-knee boots. Knowing my boot obsession, once I buy a pair, I'll fucking go bananas over any leather over-the-knee boot that I find. I'm not a big fan of the loose, baggy silhouettes. Thigh high boots are supposed to be that "sexy factor" of your outfit. Nothing screams sexy but that slimming silhouette on your legs. Maybe if you're extremely tall and slender, the baggy look would look cute! It'll definitely show how small your thighs are. But on my short, stumpy self, I can't pull those off without looking about 5 inches shorter.

Okay, let's talk. I'm about 5'2", so pulling off the thigh high boots look is extremely difficult. And because I have curves, I avoid trying on the baggy boots. And without looking a little too scandalous, I'd go with the wedges first before the pointed toes and 6 inch heels. I love patent leather, but I don't know about the thigh highs. All my boots are black, so I'd put black opaque tights underneath and a tight knit dress. The two black outfits are totally Yeye. I wouldn't even accessorize because the over-the-knee boots are an entire theme in one silhouette!

Thigh high boots aren't for every outfit and for every place. You know how sometimes you grab your favorite shoes to wear with the majority of your outfits just because they're, well, your favorite shoes? Well, these definitely do work. Today I saw a girl with a short teal gingham button up with some light wash denim and black suede thigh high boots. Okay, what if she was comfortable? Cool! But in the stylists' eyes, it's just not gonna work out that way!...and then later she said, "I wonder if she knows she has holes in her leggings! Quick blurt! Number 1, there's a difference between leggings and pantyhose. And number 2, do you honestly think that I wore my pantyhose thinking I didn't have big ass holes going down the left leg? What an idiot. Anyways, most thigh high boots are unfortunately sized in funky ways. I wear a 5 1/2 to a 6, but the legs are sometimes too small. If the boot doesn't fit, don't force it! It's telling you that that style is probably not going to work. The boots are supposed to slim your legs, not accentuate your thigh meat. I'm little, but I sure do have leg meat.

If you're casually strolling around, you can definitely wear denim with your boots! Try first a dark wash. Again, slimming! And maybe a poncho, dark, neutral color. Or just a boxy top. Again, focus the attention on your legs. On that note, the height of the thigh highs should be dearly noted. If you can barely see some skin on your thighs, you might want to take another step back on your outfit. On the last outfit, if the boots were an inch and a half shorter, then that would be cute, to me! Apparently she's on the runway and people are loving it. But that's not how Yeye works. But basically, don't forget your legs. Everyone's so focused on their ass and their tits that they forget the finer points of fashion and beauty. Your legs are what keeps you up and at it. Make it work, and everyone will notice! Thigh-high boots tends to be considered "hookerish," no matter what style. But not everyone knows how to dress themselves, says the girls that wear the short denim skirts with their thick puffer jackers with a fur trim on the hood and no pantyhose with those stupid UGG boots in 20 degree weather. Everyone snickers, but who's really laughing for the right reasons and who's just laughing to impress someone?

Avec l'amour,

Friday, December 10, 2010

Q&A : "How do you feel about sequins?"

Well, to be honest, I don't wear sequins because I have a hard time finding a style that I actually like. It's kind of a hit of miss thing for me. I'm not against it, but I just have yet to find something that I actually like that is affordable and won't get damaged after I wash it. Sequin bandeaus are totally cute, and I like more sequin skirts than I do sequin tops.

What I'm into: Is having that pop (ha you'll see that word in here because it's an inside joke, and hopefully a joke between me and the world). Sequins are a great element to have as that surprise element. The outfit on the far left is totally game on with the pop. But the colors are great, if you have my interests.  I normally don't wear A LOT of color. You'll see me every now and then with some color, and that's because I'm experimenting different colors with my skin tone and trying to create more outfits with the pieces that I currently have. But black, gray, and white have never failed. The 2nd outfit from the left is probably what I would've worn to my boss's holiday party, but then again, my boss is totally cool. Maybe not the sequin skirt with the sequin top, but the silhouette is definitely my thing. I'm a boots kind of girl too!

What I'm not into: Is having too many pops or elements of surprise and mixing it with other crazy elements. Sequins is already one texture. Then to add fur and then a different type of sequin is just too much for me. I have OCPD, like I said before. If this shirt has little tiny circle sequins, then I'm not about to match it with big ole square sequins. I'll have an anxiety attack for fuck's sake. And then obviously, a sequin galore. I've seen people with sequin boleros, sequin tops, sequin skirts, and sequin shoes. It's just too much. Yeah, you're definitely an eye catcher, but shit. That's a lot of eyes you're catching! This is all common sense, but to some, it's probably an eye opener. Would you rather be remembered as the girl that surprised everyone or the girl that just looked a hot mess? Again I'm not preaching anything new, but you catch my drift. I'm not big into color sequins either unless it's a really nice palette. Totally okay with black and gray sequins in the same piece. Not a big fan of the white sequins. Light pink sequins are okay, depending on the piece. But when they start mixing teals and purples and yellows it's just all too "clubby" for me and just an fyi, I don't go to clubs. I sit in my house and I drink with my dog, watching stupid shit like Dog the Bounty Hunter or documentaries on the colossal squid.

Avec l'amour,

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Comment dit-on "I don't really like to wear pants" en français?

I had my final oral exam in French 101 tonight. The first question was, "Bonjour! Comment allez-vous?" My professor said that I should answer with something related to health, as oppose to saying, "Je suis heureuse." So I answered "Bonjour! J'ai froid! Il fait très froid aujourd'hui!" And then she went off about how I'm not wearing anything and she's wearing pants with long songs and a red turtleneck with a matching red peacoat. Translation, I just said I was cold! It's really cold today!"

For some reason, I don't think I look very appealing in jeans. Mon roi (My king) says that I look great in pants. I disagree. For some reason, I look at myself in the mirror and I just think I'm extremely dumpy looking and not proportional. I feel a lot better for some reason when I wear shorts with tights, even if it's 30 fucking degrees outside.

You'll see me periodically not wearing pants throughout this blog. Now I'm not saying that I don't own pants. The pants that I own are only black or gray, and they all have holes all over it. I'm the holy Mary. I just don't like the feeling of jeans. I feel like I can't breathe, even if the jeans are loose.

Basically in a nutshell, little tid bit about me. I can't sacrifice my overall appearance just because it's cold. For some reason, I can't sacrifice fashion for weather.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Betty Boop with Johnny Bravo

Here is the classic look I can start off with. I don't have pictures of me, but I have worn this exact outfit, minus those exact accessories. Obviously you can put two and two and three together. Make sure the shirt isn't fitted. Buy a size up! Take the shirt into the shorts, unbuttoned. Quick blurt! Stick to light or medium denim. Bleached and dark is, eh, I don't think so. But who knows! Try it! Okay anyways, let the sequins be your surprise element. Buy a pear of sheer tights, nothing wrong with ultra sheer either. I'll tell you from experience, opaque tights don't look that cute ripped up until you wear those bitches every fucking day and what'll start to happen is it'll fade and it'll stretch to appear ultra sheer, on the thighs especially. Wash them repeatedly to hurry the process up. I know I told you I don't accessorize, but that kind of depends on the outfit. And I legitimately have OCPD. I hate merchandising with cream and white on the same bar or on the same wall or fixture, but pearls are a bit different. For some reason it's not too harsh on MY eyes. Again, I'm the off one. If you have long hair, swoop your hair to one side with a bobbing pin and pin the flower on the off side. If you have short hair, just clip your hair to the side high enough just to see your ear. If you have medium hair, well, you can do an updo or swoop as much as you can to the side.

Depending on your skin, make up will vary. I'm medium light. I'd wear a light goldish eyeshadow and put it around my entire eye. Maybe even black. With some bronzer and some red lipstick, BLAM! You're successfully cute!

Now, I have facial piercings. I have my septum pierced as well as snakebites. I have 00s as well. I have a tattoo that arches around my neck as well. That, plus the metal along with the distressed tights help with the old school punk-y look. Btw, I hate the word punk, but it's not quite grunge. Without all that, you're still the classic beauty.

This is a neck breaker. Don't underestimate it or overestimate it until you put that on yourself. Certain body types can support this outfit. If you're pear shaped,, maybe try some combat boots instead of heels, and maybe low rise cut off denim shorts. I'm 5'2" and weigh 110lbs, but I'm pretty curvy. If I wasn't in the heel mood, I'd wear combat boots. I'm a combat boot kind of girl anyways. Those are my sneakers.

Oxford shirt - ANYWHERE! But successfully, go to a thrift store.
Sequin bandeau - Topshop.com
High-waisted shorts - HM.com, or! Be creative! Take some high rise pants and cut them yourself! Or again, try a thrift store if you don't have jeans to cut up.
Tights - Any super store, honestly. Target sells them for $5. So does Stein Mart.
Red pumps - aldoshoes.com
Cascading pearl necklace - Forever21.com
Pearl bracelet - Forever21.com
Zipped up red hobo bag - Forever 21.com
Rosette hair piece - Any super store. Maybe even try a craft store! Hot Topic, Forever 21, and H&M carry these as well.

J'espère que tu aimes!

Avec l'amour,

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tip: Color

Unfortunately I missed the ghastly appearance made by a poor soul. This lady had apparently come in wearing a white fur vest with white leggings as well as white fur boots. That's the end of that story.

Number one, I don't like being that kind of girl that judges a book based off the cover, but you can't say that you don't ever do it. I do it every once in a while, but I do not do it all the time. Anyways, now had I seen this girl I probably would have just turned around and laughed. Enough of the mean, let's get serious. It's totally cool to match or whatever, but who matches with just one color anymore? Okay, sometimes girls come in with purple and orange shirts that go with their purple and orange shoes. Totally, eh, okay. Ha, now I just seem like an ass. I promise you, I'm not like that at all. At least my intentions are pretty on point.

Why don't you try mixing the colors up? Add a contrasting color to the outfit. Take a color palette as a whole, and not just two out of the 4-5 colors. I took color theory at the first university I went to, and I get it. Sometimes it's difficult to see what's appealing to the eye without giving it a test run. It's all about experimenting, which is basically what I'm preaching about throughout this whole blog. Taking just a basic blue shirt and trying to make it pop more can be difficult. Maybe a blue shirt with a black high waisted skirt and gold lurex scarf and some gold and tan gladiators? Okay, wrong season. Maybe an oversized off the shoulder gray sweater with a tight purple knit skirt with black leggings and raveen boots. Now, just for everyone's information, I don't accessorize a lot just because I'd rather spend my money on an actual piece of clothing and not a necklace or a bracelet or a ring that will turn my finger green. You can always accessorize. At the end of the day, you're wearing that outfit and you have to make it successful. Actually, you don't have to do anything. Again, this is just a tip.

Also, let's take it a step further. What if you're working with a skirt that has purple as the color of majority, but has prints with green and orange and yellow? Work around those colors. I know you don't think that I'd really advise you to wear all those colors! Obviously, add some hues in there to lessen the color on the eyes. Make that piece pop, or like how I joke with my friends at work, SURPRISE! It's always good to have that element of surprise in there.

Of course! It always depends on the pieces you're trying to put together and the look you're going for. Some people can pull off all red, down to the pantyhose and shoes and accessories. But, you gotta base it off of your instincts. Would you really wear a red dress with a red shawl and red tights and red shoes with red earrings and necklaces and carry a red purse on your way to the mall?

Oh, and denim with denim is a horrible idea. Can I just add that? Meaning that denim with denim with denim with denim with denim with denim with denim is also another bad idea.

Avec l'amour,

Friday, December 3, 2010

Q & A: What is your concept?

Every time I mention this blog to someone, they ask the question, "What is your concept?" I've spent a while today trying to come up with an answer to that question. I kept getting second thoughts on this blog and questioning how long I'd be able to keep this alive. But I kind of just chased myself in circles. At one point I had to take a piece of paper and draw out a diagram of concepts, using my wonderful artistic skills (ahuhuhuhu). Once I realized that I wasted a fuck ton of paper, I kind of just said fuck it. I'm not some expert that's just starting. I have other things to do than to map out my intentions. People operate differently and other things make other people more successful than others. But with all due respect, I don't give a damn about anyone's fashion blog. It's important that you understand me, as well as my vision. I'm wearing the outfit. I'm out in public with that outfit. Why does my outfit have to outweigh me? Can't it level out at some point?

I know we're all special in our own ways and while we're all trying to be original, it's actual become common, if that makes sense. I'm sure there's some girl, probably some guy (most likely a guy), out there that dresses very similar to me and they're probably saying the same thing in their blogs. Maybe things flow smoother for them, but again, I'm not really used to all of this. I kind of just put pieces together and if I'm comfortable and I don't look like a mumu, most likely it's a pretty successful outfit leading to my overall comfort. During my days, a lot of people come across me and whisper to their friends wearing a North Face jacket with a really cheap denim skirt with sweater tights and UGG boots that I'm "scary" or that I'm "nasty" or that I'm "filthy" or that I "look like a slut." Some people acknowledge me and say something dumb. Either way, something dumb is being said. Of course, there's always a few people that come up and tell me that they "love blonde asians" or that "they love the way I look." But! I'll never forget what this one kid said to his mother. It stuck to me, and it's still sticking. "Mommy, she looks like an alien."

With that said, fuck a concept. My outfits each day resemble a different character. Each character has different key components that make that character, well, a character. Like I said in the introduction, how can I have a URL based on my concepts without it being 30 words long? It's difficult to give a 2-3 word title for my style. But if you could without using the words couture, trash, grunge, punk, sweet, random, or mess, then email me. I'll carry you in my heart. But seriously, all I can say is that my concept is far beyond the definition of a concept. My wardrobe is, just, ugh! Fuck my life. I'm the worst with putting words together.

Okay, how about this for an answer. Fuck the idea that I need a concept to make this blog work. This is my mother fucking blog. And I'm going to post whatever the fuck I want, whether it makes sense or not. I hope that answered your question, my dear. In all seriousness!

Avec l'amour,

Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Introduction

To whomever is currently reading this,

Whie Dog the Bounty Hunter is playing in the background and the stupid fucking Facebook IM "ding" is going off due to my friend going on about dream interpretation, I'm going to do the best to explain to you who I am and what my objective is. And many more, because knowing me, I like to rant. I like to use a lot of commas too.

First off, I'm not a big fan of my real name. Yeye was the name I gave to myself when I first started speaking in this world.  I couldn't pronounce my real name, so eventually my entire family began calling me Yeye.  To this day, relatives still call me Yeye. Sometimes just Ye is fine. I'm of age, end of story. I work with XXI Forever as a visual manager.  Although retail gets the best of us almost 90$ of the time, there's still that heart-throbbing passion that lies right in my chest.  Sometimes there's so much there that it sits in my throat and then, honestly, I feel kind of nauseous due to the large amounts of stress. Mais je travaille bien avec le stress!

Amongst working 40+ hours a week, I also go to school full-time. Long story short, ended up cutting school short due to recklessness and selfishness. Trying things again, and going strong with a 4.00 GPA (as of 12/2/2010). I have a fascination with the French culture, which is why I'm trying to master the French languae. You will see some small to big parts of my blog in French. Quick blurt! Smart girls can dress. This is almost awkward because I don't know who exactly I'm writing to and what you're like. But if I had to give a synopsis, it'd be close to this.

When I was a child, my mother would dress me every day. My outfits were cute, but like, baby cute. I matched from head to toe and I was a neckbreaker amongst the crowd. We have this saying in our family, and who knows maybe other asian families, that I was "OA," standing for over-active. So basically, as a child I was pretty nuts. And surprise, I'm still pretty nuts.

Everyone always says their style is different and that they're real unique and all. I'm not saying I'm any different than they are, but why is it that the one question that I get asked the most is, "What are you?" I'm not dumb, I know that person is asking what my nationality is, but I always respond by saying, "Uhm, I'm a girl?" Most of the time they just walk off, or laugh and then comment on my outfit and say how "fly" my outfit is or how I'm the only one that could pull that outfit off. Or the worst one of them all; "You're so tiny I could put you in my pocket." Yeap, that's a pretty big fucking pocket.

I'm pretty fucking trashy, can't lie about that. Also can't lie about how long I sat here trying to come up with a name for the blog. Trying to tie all the concepts together was damn near impossible without having the URL be about 30 words deep. There's only a few things in this world that I am scared of, and those things are snakes, open heights, and UGG boots. You're probably like, "What the fuck?" But seriously, scared. But as far as wearing a leotard in public with jiggly thighs is concerned, eh, not so much. I'm that "don't give a fuck" girl. But when you put something in front of me that I really do care about, man, I really do fucking care.

I leave the rest to you, because a picture can tell a lot. I don't know about 1,000 words, but I know it can tell a lot.

Avec l'amour,