Monday, May 30, 2011

Random Inspirations with dedications to Jonny, Catey, and Gaga

Extremey exhausted. Trying to get my social life back in order. Bought 2 guinea pigs and named them Igor and Quazi. And that's pretty much my social update.

Funny how things work out. Jess totally started styling the both of us with random looks and the only look that looks presentable to the public was this one. And now! This entry is dedicated to Jonny and Catey, especially. One afternoon we all hung out and randomly started going on about Gaga and her outfits and they were mentioning their favorite ones and started arguing about a particular look. And then went on to say, "I wish I could roll out of bed in my underwear and just go." Yeah, to be honest I do it to a certain extent but since I'm at work 40 hours a week and they strictly prohibit anything that's ass-eating worthy, it's kind of difficult. I've only actually left the house in my underwear 4 times, seriously. But it's such a rejuvenating feeling that if I were to have more days off of work a week, yeah I'd be walking around this place damn near close to nekkid. Either with a leotard and just some tights underneath is close enough! Now I'm honestly overwhelmed thinking about all the things I really want to buy this Friday on payday that I kind of lost track of what I was saying.

Oh and of course, this is for Gaga since she was the actual start of the afternoon.

Mens oversized striped woven - I stole it from an ex-boyfriend in high school
Black strapless bra - $5 (I've had that bra since I was 12, seriously.)
Black bikini cut underwear - $2
Black tights - $5 Walmart (Only one side is ripped. The more you wear it and stretch it, well, you get it.)
Black leather wedges - $22

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ce n'est pas assez petit

While organizing in stripe hell, I decided to go ahead and scan these sweaters that have been sitting on that one bottom bar for decades. Found out that out of the 150+ sweaters that I scanned, at least 120 were supposed to be marked down. Then! I went on an oversized sweater on clearance shopping spree and as soon as I was leaving a lightbulb kind of ding-ed. CUT IT!! Then I realized, along with the main reason why I run around half naked, is that I like shirts that are way too short. Whether it be just a plain cotton crop, or an oversized woven, or a sweater. Didn't realize I owned as many as I thought I did. Anyways, sweaters in the summer time are obviously not a good mix and match. But! They're super cheap and they're super fun to cut and shred and stretch and sleep in and etc. Seriously, I think I'll just wear a sweater and call it a night.

 Avec beaucoup d'amour,

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comme Edie. Pour Edie. Merci Jess.

First off, good morning. Haven't updated yes I know but floorset was ridiculous. I mean, it was fucking ridiculous. I was going to take pictures but I was so goddamn frustrated that I had to question my career in the fashion industry. I even had to question myself as to what was keeping me at that store for the whole shift, minus the 32 oz of Red Bull. The concepts are indeed summer-like, but no one gets the idea if that makes sense. Sure, Vanessa Hudgens is cute with her summer bohemian look, but it's only effective when matched properly with the right intentions. We had another shop inspired by Jessica Simpson -.- Kawawa. Then we had another shop dedicated to Alexa Chung. That section is mine! And pretty lucky that she's got some sort of inspiration on me. Floorset is always a hit or miss thing. You would think as a merchandiser, dealing with floorsets every 6 weeks, it'll get easier. It actually gets harder and much more tedious.

Back when I lived in Norfolk and attended ODU I went through this weird fashion phase where I only liked wearing my boots with pantyhose and either a real short flowy dress or just a huge button up shirt with some skin tight black skinnys. Then of course I wore his boy scout shirt and some band shirts and what not. Anywho, the dresses and the button ups were randomly inspired by Edith Minturn Sedgwick. My hair was cut similar to the cut I have now, except one side was way longer than the other side, and it was more BAM! I used to wear one big ass earring, and one big ass earring only. At one point there was glam, but eh, glam turns eventually and I'm stuck with rusty shit.

Thanks to a lovely friend, JessEEEEEEEca, still kind of doing my thing and just bringing her back. Plus, I didn't even think about this before but Edie? Yeah, she's the main reason why I run around half naked all the time. Leotards, oversized sweaters and wovens with pantyhose, it's actually pretty clear to me now ha! May not be as tiny as she was, but then again, I don't do excessive amounts of drugs anymore. And comfort! Don't tell me that physically it's not comfortable to run around half naked.

Oh! Btw! Hier soir, j'ai regardé le film Mes Chères Études avec Déborah François. C'est triste, mais c'est la vérité, malheureusement. Nous devons être reconnaissant de ce que nous avons. Vous devez regarder le film! C'est en Netflix.

Avec l'amour,

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Je suis spécialisée dans les Beaux Art avec une option Lingerie

First off, where would I be without my lovely lady over in France? If I lived in France and stumbled upon this girl on the streets, I'd probably just go ahead and marry her.  Elle est très belle. Je t'aime Kumi' Ko :D

My friend and co-worker Cynthia had a brief comedic conversation about wearing sheer garments without actually wearing something appropriate underneath. Of course I'm not really going to walk out of my house with a black lace crop top and nothing underneath! My bewbies aren't that glamorous to show off to the world. But I do have some sort of self respect. If I wasn't going to work, I'd probably get away with just the black lace crop top and my actual bra. And to be honest, I'll always suggest that to customers whenever they're trying to go out and meet dudes or just trying to go out and feel sexy and really confident in themselves. Everyone's trying to be original so that's going out the window. You have to attempt to make yourself stand out little by little, day my day. Most people think I'm an alien, or that I'm white. Either way, you gotta set yourself up to be in front of everyone else around you. Even if it doesn't work out in your favor, you still tried and you can take your mistakes and learn from them. If everyone around you is wearing button ups with bandeaus, then wear a button up with your actual bra and see what happens. If everyone around you has purple hair, then why don't you dye it green? Same concept, different picture.

Anyways, I'm not really ashamed of what I look like. Not saying I'm proud either, but I'm at a decent level. So if I really wanted to, I could walk right on over to Target next door with my bra and oversized woven shirt and a pair of cut off shorts and my combat boots. It's not like these people know me or care about me. I don't know them and I don't care about them ha! With fashion you have to take risks. You have to mold yourself into a character that's reckless, relentless, ruthless, and just plain out fucked up. What bothers me is when people say, "I think that's cute but I could never make that work." And then I ask, "Well have you tried it?" And their response is, "No but I just know it won't work out." How do you know until you've tried it? How do you know until you've actually worn that outfit for longer than 5 minutes and in a public area? To be honest, I felt that way about harem pants. I felt like I wasn't tall enough to wear them. However, I did try them on and with a pair of strappy Alex Wang-like heels, look at me. I'm wearing harem pants successfully. If my cousin Da were around still, he'd think those pants were so dope on me. And he'd be so proud of me that I am still alive and kickin' it and still walking in his memories. Carrying him in my heart. Building my confidence to be stronger. I love you Daboy.

H&M lingerie is probably the best damn lingerie that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Super cute, super scandalous, and super cheap. Yeah, I may work for Forever 21, but I would much rather buy a bra and panty set from H&M anyday. The bra that I'm wearing in the pictures below was $1 on clearance. Even on clearance you can look funky. I'm all about clearance. Don't think I have tons of money! Every chance I get to get a steal deal I'm going for it. And thrift stores? Don't even get me started.

Oh! Tonight is floorset for Forever 21. Every store in the company, I'm assuming, is changing the entire floor to house different concepts and trends for the summer. If I'm lucky, I'll take pictures of my team and I in the act of visual merchandising.

If I were a house wife, I'd probably dance in my bra, underwear, and an oversized woven to someone funky, worthy of bringing back old school Le Tigre. Yes, Deceptacon.

Again, steal a shirt from your guy friend and just don't give it back.

Avec l'amour,

Friday, May 13, 2011

Des tropiques avec toi, et Starfucker

It's common sense to all of us, but it's a big push forward this season. Cut off distressed shorts with a bikini top or a bandeau with a solid sheer button up tied at the waist. So simple is ridiculous but effective all at once. I actually bought a giant black straw floppy hat and I have yet to wear it. Kawawa. Anyways, there's my input. Not trying to appear to slack, but seriously, that's my two cents. Forever 21 has been coming out with a variety of bandeaus. At one point we had lace bandeaus! We got a fairly large shipment of striped ones as well as solid ones. Eventually though they'll start pouring in since everyone has that same urge to buy a bandeau for $3.50. MY store doesn't have a whole lot left, but I know they're all over the internet. Don't see one you like? Or want one you know will last a lifetime? American Apparel has some really really really nice bandeaus as well.

One little tid bit. I like wearing men's button ups instead of oversized women's ones. The silhouette is more appealing for some reason and if you're trying to experiment with striped button ups or even primary colored gingham, there's more of a variety to pick from in the mens department. Thrift stores are also a good place to hit up for wovens. Or if you have guy friends, and you're that cheap, just borrow one from them ha!

Actually also! Forever 21 is actually selling a variety of high waisted shorts in different colors. Unfortunately, there haven't been a whole lot of solid blue denim ones, but I did buy a cute pair of black and gray leopard prints ones and once I get paid again I'll buy the red and white ones :D Enjoy.

Avec l'amour,

Monday, May 9, 2011

Invisible shoulder pads and loyal companions

Let me start this entry with a little story from today. So I'm walking out of the store with my co-worker Toni and we get somewhat approached by these crazy foreign dudes trying to sell bomb hand lotion to females. One of the guys says to me, "I like the hair!" in a stupid, seductive manner and I politely turn around and say thanks. Went to get food. Subway, all day every day. Down the escalator. Walking across the courtyard and towards the store again and both of the men are standing right in front of me with cups of lotion ready to throw all over my face. I, again, politely smile and continue to walk. Right when we intersected, the guy from the beginning says, "I wish you a good day." He said it nicely so I said, "You too!" And god mother fucking damnit. Not even 2 steps ahead he has the nerve to say out loud, "Her ass is on fire." I choked on my spit at that moment in time. That phrase sounds stupid with an American accent, let alone a foreign one. And then had the goddamn nerve to ask my friend how old I was and that he'd like to talk to me and etc. Like, seriously, what the fuck. If I told stories like this everyday on this blog, this blog would no longer be a fashion blog. For some reason, I'm attacked by overly seductive 1970's pick up lines and facial hair trimmings. Oh, and the occasional little middle school/high school kids that like to throw their arms around me and say how much they like my outfit or my hair or my face. But out of all the days and body parts. Mm mm mmm. Betrayed by the booty.

Anyways! Fashion talk. Summer summer summer oh I fucking hate the summer time weather. Here, it's way too fucking humid and there's not enough of the beautiful cool breeze. It's just a bunch of sweaty ass tourists down at the ocean front asking ridiculous questions like, "How much does it cost?" with a huge goddamn sign hanging above their head. Or little kids out on vacation from school hitting on my boyfriend and then attempting to add me on Facebook with stupid messages like "I think you're so hot" or "I know your boyfriend! You guys are so cute together!" Such bullshit. I know technically I'm letting the world in on a few of my secrets and my life in general, but don't be an idiot. You're supposed to be free. Don't come at me with fake intentions. I don't show it all the time, but I'm actually a lot smarter than I look. Ugh, back to fashion talk!

Summer could only mean a few things to me. Number one, I don't really like wearing clothes to be honest. I don't even layer in the winter. So obviously, if I could run around nekkid during the summer, I would've been doing so already. Number two, feeding off of the colors of the rays, bright, vibrant colors are a must have! Number three, fuck cotton. Chiffon, burnout, bandeaus, open weave vests/ponchos, anything but cotton. Although it will stick to the sweat on my back, it's still a lot better than sweating on cotton. Number four, prints and stripes!! I'm slowly kind of fading out of my floral print stage and I'm going to move on. Aztec prints are becoming extremely popular. Navajo inspired tops, feeding off of Mary Kate Olsen's vibe, are actually being noticed (Thank God!). Number five, I'M NOT GOING TO THE BEACH IN MOTHER FUCKIN FLIP FLOPS. Thanks, but no thanks. I'll stick with my boots and a bikini. And number seven, j'ai peur du soleil. Need a big straw floppy hat and the strongest sunscreen lotion made.

My suggestion to you all...experiment with different prints and see what suits you best. Whether it's southwestern or Aztec or Navajo inspired or just plain floral broken down to realistic or watercolor or ditzy or liberty or large print. Also, try mixing tiny bandeaus with high waist shorts and a very open weave vest or poncho. I'm going to say boots, but obviously, you can wear your flip flops. Fuck a flip flop. Sorry. Bohemian inspired is always welcome in the summer time. Long, wide maxi skirts with a bandeau and a straw hat. Open weave vest with a striped bandeau and floral shorts. Boxy embroidered tops with a braided waist belt. Oh and the obvious, everyone loves a maxi dress in their life. My store has a million of them, solid or printed. We have some for $10 and then some really nice printed ones for $22. Check it out.  And as much as I'd like to give you advice on accessories, remember, I'm old school hardcore. The only things I wear are my facial piercings, gauges, my Donate Life bracelet for my cousin, and my charity bracelets. Oh, and the bracelet that Meranie made me out of a bottle cap.

Cheers! For the future bright colors and prints. And for the future nap sessions on the sand with the boy I love the most. Thanks babe.

Just a clear shot of the colors in the dress and the actual print. And don't think I won't wear those fucking boots to the beach with my bikini. Oh! And his name is Peanut. My king boo calls him Francis. Whichever.

Puff shoulder Aztec print body con dress - $16
Heritage denim Racer Back Vest - Heritage1981 $18

Avec l'amour,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Come Back Kid

Now that finals are over and done with and my work schedule is, well, what it is, I SHOULD be able to post more. I've been extremely busy with studying for my final exams and working my ass off, and trying to spend as much time with king boo as I can.

The latest update, tribal prints are swarming in! Even if you're a prairie kind of girl, you should at least experiment with the aztec prints. I wasn't a huge fan of tribal prints solely because of how many colors are incorporated into one goddamn shirt. You have the whole Munsel wheel on that mother fucker. Or even the random, spontaneous, flash-back retro prints! The all white Calvin Klein inspired lines are dwindling down now. Everyone could use a pop of something in their life.

Summer will be the big hits for this blog. So when I say, "Stay tuned," I mean it. By the way, I chopped all my hair off.

Scribble crop tank - $9
DIY mom shorts - Thrift store $2
Knee high black leather boots with fringe detail - $22

Avec beaucoup de l'amour,