Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Epic shades, sweaters for sale, and an epic wall setup

PLAYGIRL SWEATER ON SALE FOR $12, INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!!WILL SHIP ANYWHERE!! (Note: Shipping price will change for international addresses)
It's actually cut to be pulled off the shoulder. Cotton fleece old-ma sweater. Oversized fit for me and I normally wear an XS-S. I cut the tag off as soon as I bought it unfortunately, but I'm thinking it's a large in adult sizes. With a pair daisy dukes and the right kind of boots, this can be really cute. If interested, please email me

I recommend going to your closest H&M and purchasing this dress. It's so comfortable and it was such a good buy. And I suggest going to your closest Forever 21 and really looking through their $1.50 jewelry. That cross ring was a great investment. And for a $1.50?! Yeah, can't beat that. Granted it'll turn after a few more times of forgetting to remove it while in the shower, but for a $1.50? I mean, I'm still the ultimate winner here. And also, since the weather is turning as well, you never know these days when it'll be cold or hot or shit. I suggest investing in a lightweight cardigan from Heritage 1981. It's a side brand of Forever 21. Forever 21 branded cardigans are just as good, but for some reason the weight and the feel and overall appearance of most Heritage cardigans is a tid bit better.

And seriously, so simple but never have been able to actually create a basic wall setup by myself with my own color theories and actually had full runs of SKU's. So proud of myself.


  1. I need to start blogging youve inspired me to do so also for fashion.i love your violet hair so cool. you have rad style and its different from what im used to seeing but thats probably because i live in a rural part of florida so i always feel out of place cuz i love to dress like this but you look great just one thing what does your tattoo say its hard to read.

    -Laura C.

  2. Hi Laura,

    My tattoo says "to the moon and back" in romaji. Sacred meaning that I'll have to fill you and all my other viewers in later ;] I'm so glad to hear you're into the blog and as well as fashion :]! Means a lot. And it'll mean a lot to you as well.


  3. Can't Wait :D!

    -Laura C.


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