Monday, February 28, 2011

Denim, Chambray, Denim, Applaud

So sorry I haven't updated in what seems like a light year or two! I've been so busy/stressed/miserable at my store. There's always a million things to do and not enough time and surprise! I'm not allotted for overtime, normally. But I can't even say that really, because last week I was at 45 hours for the week. Oh the life of a visual merchandiser manager...kawawa.

Marc by Marc Jacobs is a pretty big icon for the spring runway this year. It's cool because his collections inspired two of our current shops in our company. Denim with liberty floral prints and denim. Chambray with realistic floral prints and chambray. It's just a big ole' denim orgy. The country girl look is cute, okay. But I'm not really down with the look 100%, hence why my chambray is mixed with leather. Totally cute to go with a chambray oversized woven with a fitted floral dress underneath, but with ankle combat boots like Docs. None of this pointed toe brown suede ankle boot. I have nothing against it. I just can't do it.

If Hill Harper wasn't a skadeuche, then I would have been wearing my leather jacket, but apparently, models have no say and no one cares about the models ha!

Latest news though! I got an offer out in Santa Barbara for a new H&M opening there. Unfortunately I couldn't take the offer considering that I still have business to tend to down here at the beach and I have to be in Santa Barbara within the next 2 weeks. I am going to LA on the 7th, so technically I could just not come back ;] But that'd be wrong and unprofessional and I'd be dropping out of school again, defeating the whole purpose in its entirety. So until something pops up in this shithole, I'll be here.

Chambray Zipper Front Strapless Dress - $24
Black Knee High Moto Boots - $22

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Epic shades, sweaters for sale, and an epic wall setup

PLAYGIRL SWEATER ON SALE FOR $12, INCLUDING SHIPPING!!!!WILL SHIP ANYWHERE!! (Note: Shipping price will change for international addresses)
It's actually cut to be pulled off the shoulder. Cotton fleece old-ma sweater. Oversized fit for me and I normally wear an XS-S. I cut the tag off as soon as I bought it unfortunately, but I'm thinking it's a large in adult sizes. With a pair daisy dukes and the right kind of boots, this can be really cute. If interested, please email me

I recommend going to your closest H&M and purchasing this dress. It's so comfortable and it was such a good buy. And I suggest going to your closest Forever 21 and really looking through their $1.50 jewelry. That cross ring was a great investment. And for a $1.50?! Yeah, can't beat that. Granted it'll turn after a few more times of forgetting to remove it while in the shower, but for a $1.50? I mean, I'm still the ultimate winner here. And also, since the weather is turning as well, you never know these days when it'll be cold or hot or shit. I suggest investing in a lightweight cardigan from Heritage 1981. It's a side brand of Forever 21. Forever 21 branded cardigans are just as good, but for some reason the weight and the feel and overall appearance of most Heritage cardigans is a tid bit better.

And seriously, so simple but never have been able to actually create a basic wall setup by myself with my own color theories and actually had full runs of SKU's. So proud of myself.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Cotton slinky floral tops and coochie cutters

One of my co-workers, er well really all my coworkers, make fun of how short my shorts are all the time. One friend in particular calls them "coochie cutters." Shae boo, this post is for you.

Unfortunately, the blouse isn't a bodysuit :[ How cute would that have been?! Speaking of which, quick fashion blurt. Bodysuits are so in right now. I know Gaga has already done the trend up by wearing nothing but a leotard, but seriously, it's totally more acceptable. I mean, if I can wear a used condom as a skirt and get away with it, I'm pretty sure you can wear a leotard without any shorts or pants. And on the material, I'm normally not a huge fan of cotton slinky. I normally don't like the way it moves and I don't like the silhouette, but this top is a mix between cotton slinky and just straight cotton. Normally I wouldn't pay $16 for a floral top like that from my store, but that color palette and the cut out detailing? Yeap, I bought it. Eventually it'll shrink to size, or I'll eat a doughnut and fit nothing but that shirt. Yeah, chocolate frosted sounds so good.

And seriously, brushing one's teeth and then drinking a beer is, well, stupid. I know. I did it for the sake of the photograph! Oh! And my hair is not black. It's violet.

Floral Cut Out Back Top - $16
DIY Mom Shorts - Thrift Store $3
Medium Fishnets - $8
Ankle Sophisticate Combat Boots - $23

My field of visual merchandising

Seriously, this is my job in a nutshell, except I'm the manager of 3 wonderful girls :] But seriously, in a nutshell. Another post coming up in an hour or so. Stay tuned, viewers!!!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Illegal crossing and irresponsibility

Took a weekend getaway trip to Washington, D.C. to see the folks. There's a heavy smelling poison in the town I grew up in, but after being away for days, then weeks, then months, and now years, there's something comforting about it. It's possibly the feeling of the unconditional love that my mother and father radiate onto me. Realistically, it's probably the fact that my mother will go out of her way to make sure that I"m happy, and if that means spending $119 on me at H&M then so be it. I got my hair recolored for my trip to LA coming up on the 7th until the 14th, hopefully. That's another story coming up shortly, next paragraph to be exact. My hair color is a deep red wine color with the hint of violet. But my hairdresser Dina knows me very well. She knew I'd like more violet than red, because it's not in the mediocre spectrum of things. You can barely see it in these pictures, but I promise I'll deliver some top notch pictures sometime this week. Probably on Saturday if Jamal is free. Oh, and food!  To be honest, I don't really eat as much as I usually do, or the way my parents would like to see me eat. I don't fluently speak Tagalog, but I know when she's telling my father that I look skinny. Well, I ate a lot of shit. I mean, a lot. But here's a food tip! Breathe.

My job recently moved floorset to the week I'm leaving, but it's not my fault seriously. They told me one date and I booked my flight around that. Crossing my fingers that it'll work out in my favor, because that $300 ticket isn't refundable goddamnit. And I'm not trying to move the ticket over because it'll just cost more money. Basically if I'm unable to fly to LA to see my dear nephew, then that's whent he nasty Yeye comes out. Seriously. I bend over backwards and kiss my own ass and then trip myself and then punch myself in the face. I just want my trip, that's all.

Went to Urban Outfitters on 7th street and found a bunch of shit but something in me told me to hold off until later. Stopped at Zara and it made me go, "Ah coo coo" due to the fact I can't just spend all my money on one garment. Hit on H&M and the same voice kept coming back, "Hold that shit, dude." And then I realized that I saved the best for last; American Apparel. That's where I dropped $60 easily, but hey, they were having a buy 1 get 1 on the legalize shirts. Tell me that I can't make it into something. Tell me! Overall, a successful getaway trip and I feel so good inside with all the material goods I have. I know, sounds pathetic. But whatever makes you happy, right?

I would've had more pictures but I am the irresponsible one and didn't realize that I left my DSLR camera running the whole time in the car and the battery died before I could even think about taking a picture of the empty metro station. So, hoorah for shitty cell phone cameras. But if my trip to LA is confirmed, then be prepared for a huge picture post of shit+clothes.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pleasure doing business, Mr. Wang

At Forever 21, one of our shops is dedicated to Alexander Wang, not specifically. There are plenty of other designers with similar ideas for the sporty, everyday line. Mixing a long cotton maxi skirt, not too flowing!, with a boxy silk off the shoulder top and some strappy heels or wedges is the whole idea. Or even sweat pants with a pullover hoodie with those same strappy heels! It's crazy how the world of fashion continues to grow. Now we're in the stage where we can wear pumps with our hoodies and yoga pants. Crazy, isn't it? What's crazy, is being a part of an industry that never finishes.

Hoodie cape - ON SALE NOW! $8.99!
Liquid leggings - Up Against The Wall
Strap Wedges - $23

I will be going to Washington, DC this weekend. I will take as many photos as I can. Feel free to call/text/message me on FB/@reply me on Twitter, DM me on Twitter if you're down to join me :]

Avec l'amour,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Like Tekken

I hope you all are having a wonderful Valentine's Day, or as mon roi would like to mention, it's just a silly holiday created by Hallmark to sell out of lovey dovey cards. Thanks Peter Pissy Pants :D Je t'aime, mon roi.

Yesterday's concept, but in everyday.

Avec l'amour,


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dedicated to Hope Hooever

First off, I'd just like to say this chick is really classy ;]

She likes to come up to me at random times with scissors, asking me to cut up her shirt. One time, she came up to me with a shirt totally filled with pen marks. She kept saying how she just bought the shirt and expressed her frustrations to me while waving scissors in the air. Concerned for my friend, I took the scissors and cut the bottom of her t-shirt. Then she proceeded to cut holes over her chest, which totally made the shirt IT! Sometimes when I'm wearing certain shirts, I do the same thing. It's really funny to pull out little thread scissors at a cafe and cut across your shirt and continue to sip your caramel macchiato. And then look around at everyone with the "...the fuck are you looking at?" face.

I remember I showed you one of the most popular methods of cutting a while ago. Remember, the back fringes? Well, whenever the shirt is too loose, obviously, just crop it! T-shirts are great, as usual. But you know what else is great to work with? Cable knit. Before buying those pricey tops and experimenting on those, try going to the thrift store and just picking up a few cable knit, thin or thick, sweaters and experimenting on those!

Oh and can I just say that I'm pretty fucking successful as far as mom-jeans go?! I found the perfect pair to turn into daisy dukes. Even though my legs are chunky monkey, don't give a shit. Before ultimately deciding to get the perfect pair off, try the thrift store. Those jeans were bootcut jeans from Gap at the thrift store. Sold for fucking $3. Tell me...that I'm not...a winner.

Black and white striped cable knit sweater - $9 ON SALE NOW!
Daisy dukes - Thrift Store $3

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Visible controls and candlelight memorials

I almost forgot how relaxing it was to listen to Explosions in the dark with candles lit and no central heat whatsoever. Just me, my clothes, and my dog. At this point, yeah, it's totally cool that I don't have a roommate. Also, I have a shopping problem that I should be able to admit in the open by now. For everything in my life that I find is unsatisfying or unsuccessful, I tend to make up for it by buying SOMETHING. This isn't always the theory, but about 75% of the time it is. I went on a huge shopping spree and bought 2 skirts, 1 of which I returned today, 2 dresses, 1 pair of shoes, 2 sweaters, 2 sets of gauges, and fishnets. Today, I bought a handbag, another sweater, and some faux leather on the knee leggings. And some food for mon roi and I. There's something satisfying about swiping my card or paying in bills and receiving change back. There's something about it that makes me feel full when I am able to sit down in my apartment. It's not the versatility of my closet. It's not the flexibility. It's just, I don't know how to explain it. But being cliché, I feel alive. It's just unfortunate you can see more bright yellow bags in my apartment than you do furniture.

Below I included recent pictures of mon roi et moi. Enjoy.

Striped Shirt - $15
Denim Vest - Thrift Store and DIY
Liquid leggings - Up Against The Wall, but you can get them at or
Booties - $22
Beanie - $5 on sale

Avec l'amour,