Thursday, February 10, 2011


You should invest in not only 1 but maybe 20 of Forever 21's camisoles. For $2.50 each, you really can't beat that. They're great quality and most of the customers looking for these ask for them to be long and stretchy. The ones we had before we're shorter and not as comfortable. The new ones they're releasing are great. They come in all sorts of colors! And for all you vanity size wearers, they have them as well! They're the same prices too! They're great to wear in the summer time just by itself or if you're like me and don't like wearing bras, you can always just wear a cami underneath whatever your blouse is. So comfortable. I love being so, so, free ha!
But I wanted to mention this as somewhat of a secret but not really. A lot of girls come into my store looking for tight bandage skirts. Whenever I point them to certain ones that we have, they say, "Oh nevermind. " They're too expensive sometimes. That's why I mentioned 20 of these bitches. Do you know why?

CUT THEMMMMMMM!!!! Cut the top part off and wear it as a body con skirt! It only really works with the darker colors because they are a bit sheer, but what the fuck. I'll wear a white one and show off my black and white striped underwear, because I honestly don't give a fuck what you think of me. And those things, again, are only $2.50! If you buy 20 of them, you can at least have 10 camis and 10 body con skirts for just about $50! Seriously, such a great investment.

Order in bulk at or just walk in and simply buy them there!

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  1. Seriously though, I can't begin to tell you how many Target tops I've cut into skirts. Excellent idea. Cute blog!

    (your long lost friend from childhood)


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