Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tip: Color

Unfortunately I missed the ghastly appearance made by a poor soul. This lady had apparently come in wearing a white fur vest with white leggings as well as white fur boots. That's the end of that story.

Number one, I don't like being that kind of girl that judges a book based off the cover, but you can't say that you don't ever do it. I do it every once in a while, but I do not do it all the time. Anyways, now had I seen this girl I probably would have just turned around and laughed. Enough of the mean, let's get serious. It's totally cool to match or whatever, but who matches with just one color anymore? Okay, sometimes girls come in with purple and orange shirts that go with their purple and orange shoes. Totally, eh, okay. Ha, now I just seem like an ass. I promise you, I'm not like that at all. At least my intentions are pretty on point.

Why don't you try mixing the colors up? Add a contrasting color to the outfit. Take a color palette as a whole, and not just two out of the 4-5 colors. I took color theory at the first university I went to, and I get it. Sometimes it's difficult to see what's appealing to the eye without giving it a test run. It's all about experimenting, which is basically what I'm preaching about throughout this whole blog. Taking just a basic blue shirt and trying to make it pop more can be difficult. Maybe a blue shirt with a black high waisted skirt and gold lurex scarf and some gold and tan gladiators? Okay, wrong season. Maybe an oversized off the shoulder gray sweater with a tight purple knit skirt with black leggings and raveen boots. Now, just for everyone's information, I don't accessorize a lot just because I'd rather spend my money on an actual piece of clothing and not a necklace or a bracelet or a ring that will turn my finger green. You can always accessorize. At the end of the day, you're wearing that outfit and you have to make it successful. Actually, you don't have to do anything. Again, this is just a tip.

Also, let's take it a step further. What if you're working with a skirt that has purple as the color of majority, but has prints with green and orange and yellow? Work around those colors. I know you don't think that I'd really advise you to wear all those colors! Obviously, add some hues in there to lessen the color on the eyes. Make that piece pop, or like how I joke with my friends at work, SURPRISE! It's always good to have that element of surprise in there.

Of course! It always depends on the pieces you're trying to put together and the look you're going for. Some people can pull off all red, down to the pantyhose and shoes and accessories. But, you gotta base it off of your instincts. Would you really wear a red dress with a red shawl and red tights and red shoes with red earrings and necklaces and carry a red purse on your way to the mall?

Oh, and denim with denim is a horrible idea. Can I just add that? Meaning that denim with denim with denim with denim with denim with denim with denim is also another bad idea.

Avec l'amour,

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