Friday, December 3, 2010

Q & A: What is your concept?

Every time I mention this blog to someone, they ask the question, "What is your concept?" I've spent a while today trying to come up with an answer to that question. I kept getting second thoughts on this blog and questioning how long I'd be able to keep this alive. But I kind of just chased myself in circles. At one point I had to take a piece of paper and draw out a diagram of concepts, using my wonderful artistic skills (ahuhuhuhu). Once I realized that I wasted a fuck ton of paper, I kind of just said fuck it. I'm not some expert that's just starting. I have other things to do than to map out my intentions. People operate differently and other things make other people more successful than others. But with all due respect, I don't give a damn about anyone's fashion blog. It's important that you understand me, as well as my vision. I'm wearing the outfit. I'm out in public with that outfit. Why does my outfit have to outweigh me? Can't it level out at some point?

I know we're all special in our own ways and while we're all trying to be original, it's actual become common, if that makes sense. I'm sure there's some girl, probably some guy (most likely a guy), out there that dresses very similar to me and they're probably saying the same thing in their blogs. Maybe things flow smoother for them, but again, I'm not really used to all of this. I kind of just put pieces together and if I'm comfortable and I don't look like a mumu, most likely it's a pretty successful outfit leading to my overall comfort. During my days, a lot of people come across me and whisper to their friends wearing a North Face jacket with a really cheap denim skirt with sweater tights and UGG boots that I'm "scary" or that I'm "nasty" or that I'm "filthy" or that I "look like a slut." Some people acknowledge me and say something dumb. Either way, something dumb is being said. Of course, there's always a few people that come up and tell me that they "love blonde asians" or that "they love the way I look." But! I'll never forget what this one kid said to his mother. It stuck to me, and it's still sticking. "Mommy, she looks like an alien."

With that said, fuck a concept. My outfits each day resemble a different character. Each character has different key components that make that character, well, a character. Like I said in the introduction, how can I have a URL based on my concepts without it being 30 words long? It's difficult to give a 2-3 word title for my style. But if you could without using the words couture, trash, grunge, punk, sweet, random, or mess, then email me. I'll carry you in my heart. But seriously, all I can say is that my concept is far beyond the definition of a concept. My wardrobe is, just, ugh! Fuck my life. I'm the worst with putting words together.

Okay, how about this for an answer. Fuck the idea that I need a concept to make this blog work. This is my mother fucking blog. And I'm going to post whatever the fuck I want, whether it makes sense or not. I hope that answered your question, my dear. In all seriousness!

Avec l'amour,

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