Monday, December 6, 2010

Betty Boop with Johnny Bravo

Here is the classic look I can start off with. I don't have pictures of me, but I have worn this exact outfit, minus those exact accessories. Obviously you can put two and two and three together. Make sure the shirt isn't fitted. Buy a size up! Take the shirt into the shorts, unbuttoned. Quick blurt! Stick to light or medium denim. Bleached and dark is, eh, I don't think so. But who knows! Try it! Okay anyways, let the sequins be your surprise element. Buy a pear of sheer tights, nothing wrong with ultra sheer either. I'll tell you from experience, opaque tights don't look that cute ripped up until you wear those bitches every fucking day and what'll start to happen is it'll fade and it'll stretch to appear ultra sheer, on the thighs especially. Wash them repeatedly to hurry the process up. I know I told you I don't accessorize, but that kind of depends on the outfit. And I legitimately have OCPD. I hate merchandising with cream and white on the same bar or on the same wall or fixture, but pearls are a bit different. For some reason it's not too harsh on MY eyes. Again, I'm the off one. If you have long hair, swoop your hair to one side with a bobbing pin and pin the flower on the off side. If you have short hair, just clip your hair to the side high enough just to see your ear. If you have medium hair, well, you can do an updo or swoop as much as you can to the side.

Depending on your skin, make up will vary. I'm medium light. I'd wear a light goldish eyeshadow and put it around my entire eye. Maybe even black. With some bronzer and some red lipstick, BLAM! You're successfully cute!

Now, I have facial piercings. I have my septum pierced as well as snakebites. I have 00s as well. I have a tattoo that arches around my neck as well. That, plus the metal along with the distressed tights help with the old school punk-y look. Btw, I hate the word punk, but it's not quite grunge. Without all that, you're still the classic beauty.

This is a neck breaker. Don't underestimate it or overestimate it until you put that on yourself. Certain body types can support this outfit. If you're pear shaped,, maybe try some combat boots instead of heels, and maybe low rise cut off denim shorts. I'm 5'2" and weigh 110lbs, but I'm pretty curvy. If I wasn't in the heel mood, I'd wear combat boots. I'm a combat boot kind of girl anyways. Those are my sneakers.

Oxford shirt - ANYWHERE! But successfully, go to a thrift store.
Sequin bandeau -
High-waisted shorts -, or! Be creative! Take some high rise pants and cut them yourself! Or again, try a thrift store if you don't have jeans to cut up.
Tights - Any super store, honestly. Target sells them for $5. So does Stein Mart.
Red pumps -
Cascading pearl necklace -
Pearl bracelet -
Zipped up red hobo bag - Forever
Rosette hair piece - Any super store. Maybe even try a craft store! Hot Topic, Forever 21, and H&M carry these as well.

J'espère que tu aimes!

Avec l'amour,

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