Friday, December 10, 2010

Q&A : "How do you feel about sequins?"

Well, to be honest, I don't wear sequins because I have a hard time finding a style that I actually like. It's kind of a hit of miss thing for me. I'm not against it, but I just have yet to find something that I actually like that is affordable and won't get damaged after I wash it. Sequin bandeaus are totally cute, and I like more sequin skirts than I do sequin tops.

What I'm into: Is having that pop (ha you'll see that word in here because it's an inside joke, and hopefully a joke between me and the world). Sequins are a great element to have as that surprise element. The outfit on the far left is totally game on with the pop. But the colors are great, if you have my interests.  I normally don't wear A LOT of color. You'll see me every now and then with some color, and that's because I'm experimenting different colors with my skin tone and trying to create more outfits with the pieces that I currently have. But black, gray, and white have never failed. The 2nd outfit from the left is probably what I would've worn to my boss's holiday party, but then again, my boss is totally cool. Maybe not the sequin skirt with the sequin top, but the silhouette is definitely my thing. I'm a boots kind of girl too!

What I'm not into: Is having too many pops or elements of surprise and mixing it with other crazy elements. Sequins is already one texture. Then to add fur and then a different type of sequin is just too much for me. I have OCPD, like I said before. If this shirt has little tiny circle sequins, then I'm not about to match it with big ole square sequins. I'll have an anxiety attack for fuck's sake. And then obviously, a sequin galore. I've seen people with sequin boleros, sequin tops, sequin skirts, and sequin shoes. It's just too much. Yeah, you're definitely an eye catcher, but shit. That's a lot of eyes you're catching! This is all common sense, but to some, it's probably an eye opener. Would you rather be remembered as the girl that surprised everyone or the girl that just looked a hot mess? Again I'm not preaching anything new, but you catch my drift. I'm not big into color sequins either unless it's a really nice palette. Totally okay with black and gray sequins in the same piece. Not a big fan of the white sequins. Light pink sequins are okay, depending on the piece. But when they start mixing teals and purples and yellows it's just all too "clubby" for me and just an fyi, I don't go to clubs. I sit in my house and I drink with my dog, watching stupid shit like Dog the Bounty Hunter or documentaries on the colossal squid.

Avec l'amour,

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