Saturday, December 11, 2010

Tip #2 : Over-the-knee boots

First and foremost, as of right now, I do not own a pair of over-the-knee boots. Knowing my boot obsession, once I buy a pair, I'll fucking go bananas over any leather over-the-knee boot that I find. I'm not a big fan of the loose, baggy silhouettes. Thigh high boots are supposed to be that "sexy factor" of your outfit. Nothing screams sexy but that slimming silhouette on your legs. Maybe if you're extremely tall and slender, the baggy look would look cute! It'll definitely show how small your thighs are. But on my short, stumpy self, I can't pull those off without looking about 5 inches shorter.

Okay, let's talk. I'm about 5'2", so pulling off the thigh high boots look is extremely difficult. And because I have curves, I avoid trying on the baggy boots. And without looking a little too scandalous, I'd go with the wedges first before the pointed toes and 6 inch heels. I love patent leather, but I don't know about the thigh highs. All my boots are black, so I'd put black opaque tights underneath and a tight knit dress. The two black outfits are totally Yeye. I wouldn't even accessorize because the over-the-knee boots are an entire theme in one silhouette!

Thigh high boots aren't for every outfit and for every place. You know how sometimes you grab your favorite shoes to wear with the majority of your outfits just because they're, well, your favorite shoes? Well, these definitely do work. Today I saw a girl with a short teal gingham button up with some light wash denim and black suede thigh high boots. Okay, what if she was comfortable? Cool! But in the stylists' eyes, it's just not gonna work out that way!...and then later she said, "I wonder if she knows she has holes in her leggings! Quick blurt! Number 1, there's a difference between leggings and pantyhose. And number 2, do you honestly think that I wore my pantyhose thinking I didn't have big ass holes going down the left leg? What an idiot. Anyways, most thigh high boots are unfortunately sized in funky ways. I wear a 5 1/2 to a 6, but the legs are sometimes too small. If the boot doesn't fit, don't force it! It's telling you that that style is probably not going to work. The boots are supposed to slim your legs, not accentuate your thigh meat. I'm little, but I sure do have leg meat.

If you're casually strolling around, you can definitely wear denim with your boots! Try first a dark wash. Again, slimming! And maybe a poncho, dark, neutral color. Or just a boxy top. Again, focus the attention on your legs. On that note, the height of the thigh highs should be dearly noted. If you can barely see some skin on your thighs, you might want to take another step back on your outfit. On the last outfit, if the boots were an inch and a half shorter, then that would be cute, to me! Apparently she's on the runway and people are loving it. But that's not how Yeye works. But basically, don't forget your legs. Everyone's so focused on their ass and their tits that they forget the finer points of fashion and beauty. Your legs are what keeps you up and at it. Make it work, and everyone will notice! Thigh-high boots tends to be considered "hookerish," no matter what style. But not everyone knows how to dress themselves, says the girls that wear the short denim skirts with their thick puffer jackers with a fur trim on the hood and no pantyhose with those stupid UGG boots in 20 degree weather. Everyone snickers, but who's really laughing for the right reasons and who's just laughing to impress someone?

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  1. i agree on boots, no fisherman / pirate wellies ;)


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