Thursday, December 2, 2010

An Introduction

To whomever is currently reading this,

Whie Dog the Bounty Hunter is playing in the background and the stupid fucking Facebook IM "ding" is going off due to my friend going on about dream interpretation, I'm going to do the best to explain to you who I am and what my objective is. And many more, because knowing me, I like to rant. I like to use a lot of commas too.

First off, I'm not a big fan of my real name. Yeye was the name I gave to myself when I first started speaking in this world.  I couldn't pronounce my real name, so eventually my entire family began calling me Yeye.  To this day, relatives still call me Yeye. Sometimes just Ye is fine. I'm of age, end of story. I work with XXI Forever as a visual manager.  Although retail gets the best of us almost 90$ of the time, there's still that heart-throbbing passion that lies right in my chest.  Sometimes there's so much there that it sits in my throat and then, honestly, I feel kind of nauseous due to the large amounts of stress. Mais je travaille bien avec le stress!

Amongst working 40+ hours a week, I also go to school full-time. Long story short, ended up cutting school short due to recklessness and selfishness. Trying things again, and going strong with a 4.00 GPA (as of 12/2/2010). I have a fascination with the French culture, which is why I'm trying to master the French languae. You will see some small to big parts of my blog in French. Quick blurt! Smart girls can dress. This is almost awkward because I don't know who exactly I'm writing to and what you're like. But if I had to give a synopsis, it'd be close to this.

When I was a child, my mother would dress me every day. My outfits were cute, but like, baby cute. I matched from head to toe and I was a neckbreaker amongst the crowd. We have this saying in our family, and who knows maybe other asian families, that I was "OA," standing for over-active. So basically, as a child I was pretty nuts. And surprise, I'm still pretty nuts.

Everyone always says their style is different and that they're real unique and all. I'm not saying I'm any different than they are, but why is it that the one question that I get asked the most is, "What are you?" I'm not dumb, I know that person is asking what my nationality is, but I always respond by saying, "Uhm, I'm a girl?" Most of the time they just walk off, or laugh and then comment on my outfit and say how "fly" my outfit is or how I'm the only one that could pull that outfit off. Or the worst one of them all; "You're so tiny I could put you in my pocket." Yeap, that's a pretty big fucking pocket.

I'm pretty fucking trashy, can't lie about that. Also can't lie about how long I sat here trying to come up with a name for the blog. Trying to tie all the concepts together was damn near impossible without having the URL be about 30 words deep. There's only a few things in this world that I am scared of, and those things are snakes, open heights, and UGG boots. You're probably like, "What the fuck?" But seriously, scared. But as far as wearing a leotard in public with jiggly thighs is concerned, eh, not so much. I'm that "don't give a fuck" girl. But when you put something in front of me that I really do care about, man, I really do fucking care.

I leave the rest to you, because a picture can tell a lot. I don't know about 1,000 words, but I know it can tell a lot.

Avec l'amour,

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