Monday, December 13, 2010

Q&A: "Can you make your own clothes?!"

In a way this is a yes and no answer. I'm assuming that when people ask me this question that they're asking if I actually sew fabrics together to make an actual garment. Truth is, I don't sew. Can't figure out a sewing machine unless it's from the 20's. I wanted to enroll in dress making classes, but I need to pay my bills somehow. Can't just not work for 3 months! Lost your damn mind. Anyways! I used to be a biggggg DIY girl, until my eyes opened up to the whole world de la mode. But, I never stray too far away from my roots. I'm a fairly big fan on floral, but only select floral. Not a big fan of ditzy or liberty floral. I love lace as well. Black, white, and gray lace preferably. I do like wearing pumps. I do like wearing ruffles, but nothing too crazy. But! You'll never see me without my completely run down pantyhose or my leather combat boots or my event bracelets that I refuse to take off. A trend is a trend, whatever. Trends change all the time. But you're supposed to stay the same.

Huge fan of cutting basic t-shirts. I'm not a basic t-shirt and denim kind of girl. I don't even wear jeans! But sometimes when I have a lot of money I can carelessly spend, I'll cut t-shirts. This is the style of cutting that I do on the majority of my t-shirts. Depending on the fit and the fabric, I'll cut big ass holes in the front and sides and with the holes I cut out, I'll trim thin lines of fabric and hand sew them back on the shirt. Mixing the trashy elements with something girly is never a bad idea. I have a plain basic crew neck shirt with the back cut out like the picture. I'll put a dress underneath of it that poofs out to the extreme. If it's tulle I'm working with, I'll snip parts of the skirt so it looks like the skirt is homemade too. I love the whole homeless look!

The other kind of DIY I like is just sewing shit onto a dress or a shirt that I already own. I did it a lot in high school. Don't have the time to sit and hand sew letters onto things anymore. Anyways, I pick a quote that's long. It's funny when people try to read it. And I just plain and simple, take my choice of cotton and cut out the letters and sew it onto the garment. Printing my own t-shirts was something I did in high school too. It's always a good feeling to make something out of nothing, or in some cases, barely anything. Everyone's always trying to be unique, which is now common, if that makes sense. Just gotta keep going that extra mile to really showcase your originality.

Just so everyone knows! I will be working 13 hour shirts for the next three days. So there's a chance I won't update for a day or two, but there's the big chance that I'll just update later in the night. Don't lose faith in me! I'm still waiting for the pictures from my photographer. And quick blurt! I really appreciate you guys looking at this and referring your friends. Please keep this site going!

J'espère que j'ai répondu à votre question!
Avec l'amour,

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