Monday, April 4, 2011

The idea of a spotlight + update

My apologies, seriously. I've been so busy with school and work and trying to get my life back in order after all these chaotic, yet really stupid and unnecessary events, have occurred. I'm sure you all will hear one way or another, but it doesn't even matter now!

I'm going to collaborate more with other stylists in the area and possibly outside of the area. Stay tuned for that!

Going to try the whole spotlight thing. Going to focus right now on American Apparel. Obviously we all knew/know American Apparel for their overpriced basic units of clothing. Their deep cut v-necks and white zippered hoodies and thigh high tube socks and clear colored headbands. Yeah yeah yeah. But seriously, if you look at what they have on their website, there's so much more they have to offer that actually branch out of the whole category of basics.

From eye catching body suits to color block lounge wear to lace printed bondage dresses to fun summer print crop tops! Seriously, maybe it's just me, but the fact that prints are even in there now is, well, beyond cool. I used to never shop American Apparel. Just because I could easily walk into Forever 21 or H&M and grab a basic v-neck t-shirt from $4.50 to $5.00 a pop. But then again, IN THEIR DEFENSE, the quality is pretty bitchin'. And as their website will say, fashionable basics. It's still got a simple kind of aura to it, but it'll do more than the casual.

My favorite things though to purchase from American Apparel are the socks, er, were the socks. Haven't bought any lately. Probably not going to for a while until I feel needy on socks. But they are seriously worth the money. Their crop tops feel fabulous, especially for the fact that I hate wearing bras ha! Oh, and I'm probably always going to be a leotard kind of girl. DA BAM!

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  1. too bad american apparel is filing for bankruptcy. :P


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