Thursday, April 14, 2011

More for sale and j'ai une idée

I'll be the first to admit that I'm not that in tune with the world and its news and yaddiyaddiya. I blame about 95% of that on the fact that I don't have cable. The other 5% is just that I'm too busy. But I do know about the crisis in Japan, and I feel god awful about it. My origin goes way back into many different types of blood, and Japan being one of them. I feel like I shouldn't just sit here and feel sorry for those that are actually living in the torment. I've decided to try this idea and if I have enough support, I will go 100% through with it.

I am going to make, with my own two goddamn hands, rising sun bracelets that also say "for japan" on them. I"m not going to use beads because from past experiences, they don't work very well and it'll take me even longer to make it. Plus, it kind of looks tacky if you want me to be honest. I know all these celebrities are making t-shirts and sweatshirts and even bracelets, but what's kind of sincere about my idea, is that I'll be making them and not poor little Ethiopian kids. I will make the first one today. I'm going to be charging $10 for each bracelet and the proceeds will go to the Red Cross for the tsunami relief. If you are interested, please either leave a comment or email me directly at I hope you guys are as into this as I am.

D'accord. Here are 5 more pieces for sale.

Forever 21 long t-shirt dress with tree graphics. Small. $10

Forever 21 embroidered black sleeveless dress. Small. $14

H&M Sleeveless black romper with ties on the legs. Size 4. $13

H&M blue sleeveless eyelet dress. Size 4. $15

H&M sleeveless native embroidered top. Size 6. $15

Avec l'amour, 

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