Saturday, April 16, 2011


So I've come up with a solid solution, thanks to my friend Aly.

I'm going to stick with this one design because, well, we're all supposed to support the one cause at the end of the day. This isn't about fashion. This isn't about matching or accessorizing. This is about the hope that one day Japan will rise again.

Each bracelet comes with the design of the rising sun and a caption "For Japan." Each bracelet is going to sell for $10. I will keep 20% and donate the rest to the Red Cross. I will also ship anywhere in the world. I will do donations through my paypal account, which will be set up either sometime today or tomorrow. Please keep in mind it takes me a long time to do these bracelets considering that I am making them myself and not starving Ethiopian kids lasting on energy drinks and candy. And please also understand that I do have a crazy schedule with work and school and ninja fighting classes (so serious). So if you order one, please allow up to 2 weeks until you receive your bracelet. Along with the bracelet you'll receive cute little instructions on how to fasten your bracelet to your wrist and once time permits, a sticker

If you are interested in a bracelet, please let me know via email(, formspring, comment, and if you have my personal facebook page then you can message me on there, or even text if you have my number and WE'RE ACTUAL FRIENDS AND NOT MAKE BELIEVE ACQUAINTANCES.

I will come up with some other color schemes too. But for now, here is your first ever tsunami relief bracelet made par moi.

Avec l'amour,

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