Thursday, April 21, 2011

Update on second charity for Daboy

Fortunately, Daboy's parents had enough money to cover all of his expenses and still had a little bit left, which will be put towards the burial. However, my aunt and I collaborated and decided to donate the proceeds to the homeless. The Coalition for the Homeless is located in Washington, D.C., where Daboy spent a lot of his time when he lived in Northern Virginia with all of us. He always wanted to give back to the less fortunate, but couldn't because he himself didn't have a whole lot to give. Daboy would've given the shirt off of his back to another person, though. He was such a great person.

The proceeds will now go towards the Coalition for the Homeless. Each bracelet is $7 and that includes shipping. They will have a set color scheme of brown and tan, the same colors as Daboy's wicker vans. Contact me via if you'd like one. Give me 2 weeks, considering I'm doing 2 charities at once.

Avec l'amour,
Yeye & Daboy

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