Thursday, April 14, 2011

Apparently, I'm a mother for wearing blouses now.

My inspiration for this outfit is from the gnarly Hill Harper. Originally, I wanted to wear a red camisole underneath but, believe it or not as I'm about to say something ridiculously crazy for me, it was too much color going on. Luckily thanks to my underground stylist, he had suggest a neutral color, white or cream. And the floral print skirt? Tropical prints are obviously coming in due to the seasons. Bright, vibrant colors are a good way to catch the essence of summer. Body con skirts have been in for quite a while, especially with the younger generations. They're probably going to be in for a while. Can't quite say I predict it won't be. I went through this little phase where I didn't wear a whole lot of high waist body con skirts just because I was insecure about my legs. But considering the beautiful fucking weather today and how bright this skirt actually is, I figured together it wouldn't be a bad combination at all. Animal print and floral is a hit or miss, depending on the actual floral print, but if you guys haven't picked up on this yet! I don't really give a shit. I feel super feminine and super soft, but I'm still here to conjure up a rebellion against mankind itself. In all seriousness, but not really. Enjoy!

Avec l'amour,

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