Monday, March 21, 2011

Rendez-moi ma santé mentale

It's been a whole two weeks since he's been gone. A whole goddamn two weeks. I totally regret not documenting everything that we did. I remember around the time we were constantly hanging out every day, I bought a tiny little camera and took pictures of EVERYTHING. I managed to take pictures of everything but my dear cousin. It drives me crazy that I don't have as many pictures of him as I thought I did. Goddamnit if only I could explain to you guys better. But if I could give up everything that I have now, which to be honest is not a whole lot, just to see him again for 15 minutes. Just to see him, hear him, smell him, dance with him, ride in the car with him, rap with him, whatever, I would give it all up in a heartbeat.

Another update on my personal life, the owner/president of Forever 21, Mr. Chang, will be visiting my area this week. He is expected to fly in tomorrow afternoon. I will be slavin' for the next 24 hours. Hopefully I don't get fired.

Now, onto la mode de Yeye. Anyone that I work with can tell you I am fairly versatile. I go through phases on comfort. Sometimes I find comfort in just a simple pair of tights with "coochie cutters" and a hole-y t-shirt. Sometimes I find comfort in sweetheart floral dresses. Sometimes I find comfort in ruffles and sometimes I find comfort in maxi skirts. It all really depends on the time of year. Lately, I've been on a knack for floral prints and denim textures. Again, the whole Marc Jacobs thing is in full effect still this season. Mixing a floral dress with an oversized chambray top is totally the deal. Even a floral top with a denim jacket and some dark skinny's. And I also learned too with my mixology that one can mix SUBTLE leopard print shoes with vintage floral prints. I'm talking real vintage, liberty floral prints. Not so much watercolored realistic large floral prints. Denim shorts are obviously too a hit this season solely due to weather and the fact that denim looks so good with floral prints. But! This doesn't mean that I wear pants ;]

Floral Ruffle Front Strapless Romber with Brown Braided Belt - $20
Fitted Medium Denim Jacket - $17 Papaya
Leopard Print Peep Toe Wedges - $22

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  1. Hey there. its Laura highly upset i havnt started my blog i just work wayy to much and im always tired but im glad to see yours is going strong. im so sorry for your loss. i lost my brother,my best friend last october to an overdose of drugs. he meant everything to me,hes also the reason i am the person that i am today and i seriously thank him for that. its hard im still hurting but believe me in time things will get easier. im obsessed with forever 21 i just hate i have to drive about an hour to get to the nearest one to me haha but its worth it but my problem is i need help combining different things to make them look good..i love your pics feels like we see the real you? and it gives me that you dont give a fuck attitude and its awesome!! also your apartment looks soo much like my best friend who is also ASIAN!!! i think thats so insane!!! haha but just here to let you know your cousin is in a happier place and as much as it hurts....(im crying now) have to be strong for you,for him,for your puppy:) you have to be strong to get by God knows it took me fuckin 3 months to say that to myself. i blamed myself for his death day in and day out due to the fact that the night he died i was with him and we were at a party.i had to work the next day at 9am so i told him to get home safe hugged him said i loved him and left...i was suppose to be there to watch him.protect him.but i wasnt. crazy enough the person who helped me get through this was a girl who i hated back in high school. after my brother died at the viewing she was there...i couldnt breathe but she came up to me and said she never hated me she just hated the fact that i hated her and she didnt know why at that moment i forget why and i began to brother sounds like your cousin how you said he wouldnt want you to hold grudges ryan was the same way.he was always telling me to make amends with her cause i never knew the day i might need her i just told him i would never talk to that bitch..and i did need her.she helped me a we are the best of friends and she always has my back and is always there for me. ps the asian girl is her!!! crazy right?! wow im rambling now.i just hope you have someone where you are to help you feel better.maybe sometime ill go to your store and you can help me buy a new wardrobe for summertime!! haha but til then good luck with everything and just know i dont know you and you dont know me but i am here!

    -Laura C.


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