Monday, January 24, 2011

The Spring 2011, foreshadowing!

I'm going to hit one at a time. There's so many things that come into mind now regarding the spring 2011 collections all over the world and what they all share in common with the world. Some I dig. Some I really don't.

1. 70's are back! But keep in mind, there are two different types of girls from the 70's. You have the bohemian inspired and the sophisticated one. I'll admit man. I never thought wide leg bottoms would ever come back, but on the right girl carrying the right kind of spirit would make it work. I also never believed that maxi skirts could be worn with anything other than a plaid woven with a fair isle print chunky knit sweater. But, there's always room for me to admit my wrongs.

70's bohemian
Word association: Mary Kate Olsen

Old school "hippie" look. I'd use the word hipster in these situations, but that word has been butchered and abused and now everyone and their goddamn mothers are hipsters.

Anyways, silhouette-less dresses/tunics slim down your overall body outlook. Bell sleeves, or trumpet sleeves, or whatever you prefer to call it is key to the silhouette. Long thick knit oversized sweater tunics make that first impression to be pretty accurate to your intentions. I normally don't go into accessories that much, but clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! Clogs! As much as I would much rather see it on someone other than me, with the right attire and right shape and build, it would really pull your entire outfit together. Cable knit, chunky knit, fisherman knit, peasant tops, oversized light neutral colored lace, marled, clogs, earth tones, tie dye, and ditzy floral are some of the main elements of this era. Can't quite forget your head pieces and feather and tassle detailing either!

This era is indeed really appealing to the eye and to the overall idea that females are supposedly made out to be angelic creatures. Even at your worst times, you'd still be
as free as Lynard Skynard's bird.

70's sophisticated

Word associaion: Bianca Jagger

This lady knew how to change her whole vibe though just by adding on wide leg denim and tucking in that tunic! Silhouette-less still, but when she moved she moved with elegance. Almost like gliding, but this lady really knew how to move like a lady should move, a lady with the same free spirit as our bohemian girl. Oversized flop hats with a bell sleeve oxford woven and empire waist bell bottoms with clogs were the trio! For the day time sophisticated gals, pearls and subtle diamonds thick coated lips and long eyelashes! For the night time, a little more eyeliner and a touch up on mascara and a dress with a million sparkles from the moon and stars. As much as I'd like to show my versatility, there's just some things I can't show you. I'd rather provide you accurate examples, rather than pictures of me looking stupid. Don't ever forget your icons of the past eras. You can obviously see that we recycle through trends and decades fairly quickly. All these people should remind recognized until it's their time to depart this world. It's funny because when we put outfits together, sometimes we can picture this one person that we claim we don't know or have never seen in real life. I know for me, I get glimpses of old school stars and can never quite remember their names, but they're a huge part of me. These characters continue to build up, and then you can put two and two together, and voila! A 70's bohemian inspired rocker that doesn't wash her hair. Ha, but seriously guys.

Avec l'amour,

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