Monday, January 31, 2011


American Apparel bodysuits are the shit, seriously. Yeah, they're pricey. But think about it; you get what you pay for! I'd easily drop $50 for a top notch leotard, rather than $7.80 for a regular looking leotard that's going to shred in the wash. You can mix and match almost anything with a leotard. Are you daring enough to wear just the leotard like Lindsay Lohan (shut the fuck up) or Lady Gaga? If you have those stunning long legs then all you need is some elevated pumps a wide brimmed fedora. You can play it safe too! Put some denim shorts over the leotard, but make sure they're a little over your hips. It's so much cuter that way! Gloria-V bodysuits puts a spin on sex appeal. To me, leotards go hand in hand (for some reason) with Madonna and her trends for the time. Pair that up with denim cigarette jeans and some pumps as well. And can't forget the lace! It's so big this season ;] I would highly suggest investing in a bodysuit or two or four!

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