Friday, January 28, 2011

The high grade ones

People like to joke me about how much I hate wearing lots of clothing at once and how I never wear pants in the winter. There's just some kind of comfort I find in being as close to naked is possible. Why does it matter? I mean, my stuff is similar to your's honestly.

ALSO! I will be out of town for the weekend so I will not be able to post anything until I come back. So sorry, but I have to see my parents for free food and hospitality!

Black Hooded Leather Jacket - $20 Forever 21
White Button Up - Boyfriend
Zebra Print Bandeau Top - $14 H&M
High Waist Sequin Hot Shorts - $20 Forever 21
Black Garter Thigh Highs - $5 Walmart
Black Knee High Moto Boots - $23 Forever 21

1 comment:

  1. I personally think you look lovely all the time and wish I had your confidence and your eye for detailing out an outfit.


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