Monday, January 24, 2011

R.I.P Leather Shorts

I want to apologize for not posting anything Saturday and Sunday. Saturday I had to work my closing shift and Sunday was my day off to relax and between the boyfriend and friends, I didn't have enough time to post. But here's the deal! For each day that I do not post, I'll post double on one day! How exciting, c'est vrai?! So tonight! Watch out for another post, late night.

Rant of the Day: Don't wear Uggz with a floral dress!
Seriously, those things aren't even that attractive. I know, they keep your feet warm. But I'm just that kind of person that can't sacrifice fashion for weather. Fuck the weather. I'm still going to wear fishnets and hot shorts. I mean, this girl came in wearing the cutest bright colored ditzy floral dress but then had Uggz on and proceeded to ask me if I could pull an outfit for a date. After screening her I then gave her a disclaimer explaining that I can be funky. On my first date I didn't doll up or anything! So I proceeded to pick out a cute blue based floral dress and suggested some brown ankle boots with stud detailing. She asked about a cover up and I just suggested an oversized white woven. She thought it was cute and I thought it was a successful customer service story until she said, "Oh I'll just wear my Uggz with this." I gave up. I give up.

Thanks to my dog, these shorts are long gone. But you can purchase them at

White Woven - Anywhere, really. Thrift stores are your best bet to find the one that fits the best for a low price!
High Rise Leather Shorts -
DIY stockings
Raveen Combat Boots -

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