Wednesday, January 19, 2011

J'espère que--non non. J'ai!

Remember what I suggested about at-first unflattering pieces? This was one of those pieces. This outfit has always been and most likely will always be the neck breaker. Regardless of whether they are looking at my ass or the actual connection with the pieces, it's also extremely comfortable. I highly suggest going to your closest Forever 21 and hunting for simple basic cotton fitted dresses. Not bad quality at all and you're safe putting them in the dryer. For $10.80, that dress was by far one of the best investments of my life.

Fitted Floral Dress $11 -
Cropped Denim Heritage Vest $14 -
Sheer Black Thigh Highs $6 - Forever
Black Combat Boots $22 - Forever
Olive Messenger Bag $16 - H&M

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