Thursday, January 20, 2011

Obviously I'm a girl. So you know I wear a bra.

Tip of the Day: There is nothing wrong with showing off what you have!
My friends and coworkers like to joke on me from time to time about how I never wear clothes, even in the winter time. Winter, summer, spring, apocalypse, typhoon, Jay-Z becoming president, don't care! I never wear enough clothes. It's 32 degrees Fahrenheit outside, who knows, maybe colder! But I can't sacrifice my sense of fashion for a breeze or some kind of shit falling from the sky. I know I may come off as trashy, but at least I'm able to walk out of my apartment with a high chin and outrageous self confidence in having a neck breaking outfit.

My favorite question from new comers is, "What are you?" My immediate response, even knowing they're asking about my nationality, is, "Um, I'm a girl." Which brings us to the point of the tip! You know I'm wearing a bra. You can even see the shape of the bra through my shirt. Through most girls' shirts. Obviously, you can't wear some cheap Hanes bra or something like that under a nice sheer blouse. If you can color coordinate or even have that one contrasting color, then that'll definitely turn heads. Who cares if that dude in the corner is looking at your boobs? Aren't we all supposed to have that promiscuous side? I'm not saying you should take off all of your clothes. You're not an escort (and even if you are, I still love and respect you!).

Just be wise about your choice of apparel to go along with your undergarments. You wouldn't go to a business meeting with a sheer ruffle front shirt and a bright red lace bra! Maybe then you'd have to wear the cami. But if you come up to me at my store and bring an oversized seriously sheer top, or even a lace top like I have on in this post, I'm going to recommend just a bra. It shows you have intensity behinds your fashion taste buds. It shows that you don't give a fuck. That's all that matters. Do you feel comfortable? Do you think you look amazing? Are you fit for the occasion? If you've answered yes, then who cares?! Sometimes I feel like fashion ruins us because of the trends, but everyone's trying to be different that we all are alike at the end. So take it to the next step. I mean, what have you got to lose? Fuck a reputation. Fuck the snickering and fuck the gossip and the she-must-be-a-stripper comments. You are what you make yourself out to be. You know yourself better than anyone else. Not the mother fucker next to you or across from you. But the mother fucker that's living and breathing and creating from within you. Embrace that being. Otherwise, fashion means nothing.

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