Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Always In Tact With The Roots

I didn't post yesterday! I know :[ Ah coo coo. But you know what that means! I'll just posting more than once every day for the rest of my life! In conjunction to this post, I will post another one later tonight relating to the look inspired here.

I also want to address something that almost concerns me. When I first started this blog I wanted it to be extremely personable, but still to the point if you understand. I wanted you all to get to know me, and later on begin to carry a piece of me with you through your daily life, whether you're in line waiting for your venti upside down soy extra caramel macchiato or your venti iced coffee with soy milk and 12 pumps of classic, or you're shopping for a girls night out. I don't want to just be some nameless, faceless person circulating the internet. So on that note! I will not be able to post on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of February. I will be traveling to South Carolina to help open up a new Forever 21. How exciting! Will take many pictures though!

If you're a visual merchandiser,
one tip I can offer is to look at the picture as a whole. Not just your face out at the moment, or your one pink-based top bar. My field visual always tells me that, and it often helps. You should look at that too! If you're trying to get into visual merchandising, I suggest a thorough investigation on the difference between chambray and denim, and heathered and not, and cuffed and rolled, and cream and white. Every bit of color knowledge is so useful. It really does stretch a long way knowing all the colors and matches and etc. But at the end of the day, cream is not white and blue is not teal and red is not orange.

After exposure from the right kinds of kids and the right kinds of music, eventually I turned into something really dark, but often had my girly flings. I used to screan print t-shirts and sell them for stupid amounts, but some people bought it! I always wore studded belts to the side or backwards, and when I did wear jeans they had holes, but only if the jeans were black. If they were blue, they'd have to be cigarettes. I had a thing with cuffing the bottoms of my jeans. Oh you know, the whole new-to-being-indie look. Even though every now and then I would wear ruffles or floral prints or fitted stripes and shit, I always still went home in the dark. The hardcore grunge-y days came around my freshman year until about my early sophomore year. Then I don't really want to talk about what happened in between. In a nutshell, the whole track jacket-skinny jean-saucony wearing thing invaded me. But later on, it became whatever. If you want that true piece of me in the long run, it was because of the drugs. In my early ODU year though (notice I unfortunately said year without an -s), it got darker. And it's still dark! But I try not to let it engulf me as much anymore.

Now, onto the look!
Back then I'd be pretty upset for some selfish reason, but the whole biker/punk style is coming back for the spring. Leather jackets, leather shorts, stud and grommet detailing, moto and military inspired low or high rise boots, the whole deal. That doesn't require much accessorizing. I'll keep it short and sweet for ya, because I know those stupid long technical fashion terms don't make sense. It makes everything sound so much more complicated than it is! But seriously, grab a bunch of thread, dark thread, and tie those shits together onto your wrist. Whenever you go to a venue that requires wristbands before you enter, don't even rip them off. Don't even comb your hair! (Well, you can comb it and make it look not combed. Honestly, I don't even brush my hair.) Don't over accessorize, dude. Chain necklaces/bracelets and studded chokers/bracelets are just a no go. A crucifix here OR there, but that all depends on the piece! You know the whole saying, "Less is more." It really is in these cases.

Black cap sleeve long basic shirt - $2.50
Black denim hot-shorts - $19.80
Black DIY stockings - Anywhere
Raveen Combat Boots - $23.80

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  1. That's cool that you're doing a store opening in South Carolina!! I'm excited for the pictures that you're going to be taking.

    PS, love your blog :D


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