Friday, January 21, 2011

A real live flannel! Not this cotton bullshit

Tip of the Day: Plaid does not mean grunge
I know we're all smart in our own ways, but we all have a pretty good handle on common sense, right? *Sigh* I just want to clarify that an oversized plaid flannel does not automatically mean you're back in the days of the punk rock scene where Kurt Cobain just passed. Color does play a role in this. This is where the common sense kicks in. You wouldn't wear an oversized purple and coral plaid flannel with a distressed shirt with some boyfriend cut jeans. Always stick to your primaries, as well as your darks. No fancy swirls here! Oh, and plaid and gingham are NOT the same thing. And houndstooth is not the same either. I mean, just think about it. An oversized plaid flannel top (right colors that is) along with a shredded white tank and some distressed jeans and some boots would have that grunge theme. A fitted primary color based plaid woven with a maxi skirt and a chunky knit fair isle print sweater with some clogs would have that cabin fever in the Netherlands theme. A fitted bright color based plaid woven with a color block cardigan and some blue stone one wash denim and some oxfords would land you in the Fonzy days. Same thing with plaid skirts! Unless there's a chain, then you can twist your way into our old school alternative goth days.

But seriously, by changing the fit and the color and even the length will change your entire look and distort your intentions. Just watch out :]

Avec l'amour,

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