Friday, May 13, 2011

Des tropiques avec toi, et Starfucker

It's common sense to all of us, but it's a big push forward this season. Cut off distressed shorts with a bikini top or a bandeau with a solid sheer button up tied at the waist. So simple is ridiculous but effective all at once. I actually bought a giant black straw floppy hat and I have yet to wear it. Kawawa. Anyways, there's my input. Not trying to appear to slack, but seriously, that's my two cents. Forever 21 has been coming out with a variety of bandeaus. At one point we had lace bandeaus! We got a fairly large shipment of striped ones as well as solid ones. Eventually though they'll start pouring in since everyone has that same urge to buy a bandeau for $3.50. MY store doesn't have a whole lot left, but I know they're all over the internet. Don't see one you like? Or want one you know will last a lifetime? American Apparel has some really really really nice bandeaus as well.

One little tid bit. I like wearing men's button ups instead of oversized women's ones. The silhouette is more appealing for some reason and if you're trying to experiment with striped button ups or even primary colored gingham, there's more of a variety to pick from in the mens department. Thrift stores are also a good place to hit up for wovens. Or if you have guy friends, and you're that cheap, just borrow one from them ha!

Actually also! Forever 21 is actually selling a variety of high waisted shorts in different colors. Unfortunately, there haven't been a whole lot of solid blue denim ones, but I did buy a cute pair of black and gray leopard prints ones and once I get paid again I'll buy the red and white ones :D Enjoy.

Avec l'amour,

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