Sunday, May 8, 2011

Come Back Kid

Now that finals are over and done with and my work schedule is, well, what it is, I SHOULD be able to post more. I've been extremely busy with studying for my final exams and working my ass off, and trying to spend as much time with king boo as I can.

The latest update, tribal prints are swarming in! Even if you're a prairie kind of girl, you should at least experiment with the aztec prints. I wasn't a huge fan of tribal prints solely because of how many colors are incorporated into one goddamn shirt. You have the whole Munsel wheel on that mother fucker. Or even the random, spontaneous, flash-back retro prints! The all white Calvin Klein inspired lines are dwindling down now. Everyone could use a pop of something in their life.

Summer will be the big hits for this blog. So when I say, "Stay tuned," I mean it. By the way, I chopped all my hair off.

Scribble crop tank - $9
DIY mom shorts - Thrift store $2
Knee high black leather boots with fringe detail - $22

Avec beaucoup de l'amour,

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  1. By the way, I chopped all my hair off. Haha, I love you and how awesome you always look in photos.


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