Sunday, May 22, 2011

Comme Edie. Pour Edie. Merci Jess.

First off, good morning. Haven't updated yes I know but floorset was ridiculous. I mean, it was fucking ridiculous. I was going to take pictures but I was so goddamn frustrated that I had to question my career in the fashion industry. I even had to question myself as to what was keeping me at that store for the whole shift, minus the 32 oz of Red Bull. The concepts are indeed summer-like, but no one gets the idea if that makes sense. Sure, Vanessa Hudgens is cute with her summer bohemian look, but it's only effective when matched properly with the right intentions. We had another shop inspired by Jessica Simpson -.- Kawawa. Then we had another shop dedicated to Alexa Chung. That section is mine! And pretty lucky that she's got some sort of inspiration on me. Floorset is always a hit or miss thing. You would think as a merchandiser, dealing with floorsets every 6 weeks, it'll get easier. It actually gets harder and much more tedious.

Back when I lived in Norfolk and attended ODU I went through this weird fashion phase where I only liked wearing my boots with pantyhose and either a real short flowy dress or just a huge button up shirt with some skin tight black skinnys. Then of course I wore his boy scout shirt and some band shirts and what not. Anywho, the dresses and the button ups were randomly inspired by Edith Minturn Sedgwick. My hair was cut similar to the cut I have now, except one side was way longer than the other side, and it was more BAM! I used to wear one big ass earring, and one big ass earring only. At one point there was glam, but eh, glam turns eventually and I'm stuck with rusty shit.

Thanks to a lovely friend, JessEEEEEEEca, still kind of doing my thing and just bringing her back. Plus, I didn't even think about this before but Edie? Yeah, she's the main reason why I run around half naked all the time. Leotards, oversized sweaters and wovens with pantyhose, it's actually pretty clear to me now ha! May not be as tiny as she was, but then again, I don't do excessive amounts of drugs anymore. And comfort! Don't tell me that physically it's not comfortable to run around half naked.

Oh! Btw! Hier soir, j'ai regardé le film Mes Chères Études avec Déborah François. C'est triste, mais c'est la vérité, malheureusement. Nous devons être reconnaissant de ce que nous avons. Vous devez regarder le film! C'est en Netflix.

Avec l'amour,


  1. <3!!!!!!!!

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  2. I havent forgotten about your blog.ive been so busy with work and school! but i love the last suppose to be coming up to VA Beach in June if i run into you, you MUST give me some personal tips on my wardrobe haha i hope your are healing well with your losses and problems. i am. which is great.last month a bought a poncho and i see we have the same one haha we have great taste! florida though is kinda too hot for ponchos but fuck it its cute.OH! Also you said youll get into your tattoo.ive been looking forward to that since the words are interesting enough.cant wait to hear the story behind it :) well i need to sleep im exhausted.keep up the great blog!
    -Make Peace Or Create War..Stay true to who you are but make peace with those around you who are willing to make peace. I promise your life will be so much easier.thats what ive been doing the past couple weeks and girl, all the unnecessary bullshit is gone and those who hurt me or who i considered an "enemy" or an annoyance/bother, were either on mutual no hate terms or became good friends.& im happier than ever.stress free but again keep up the great blog.ttyl :)

  3. Dear Laura,

    Awesome, and what a coincidence on the poncho. My best friend lives in Florida. However, making peace with those that really don't deserve it is not a priority. Yes, my cousin would've wanted me to be engulfed with peace with myself and others around me, but I like my life being unpredictable. Those people that I have something against or that have something against me for whatever reason, whether it be I stole their dream mate or that I was better at math, can all burn in hell for the things they've done to me, said to me, or whatever else. Bottom line, there are just some people in the world, in my life, that can kiss my ass. I've made my mends with the right kids. Not looking for more satisfaction from that direction. Over the child's play. Lying and cheating and making up rumors is just another way of admitting that they're never going to grow up and get a real grasp on life. That's my input. Take care.

  4. I understand. But good for you! Some people just dont want to grow up which is really sad. But anywho, my tattoo artist loves your tattoos and asked where you got the ideas from cause they are ones hes never seen before or just anything like them. He says you are AWESOME and the girls down here should be more like you haha i agree! well. work time.take care as well :)!


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