Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ce n'est pas assez petit

While organizing in stripe hell, I decided to go ahead and scan these sweaters that have been sitting on that one bottom bar for decades. Found out that out of the 150+ sweaters that I scanned, at least 120 were supposed to be marked down. Then! I went on an oversized sweater on clearance shopping spree and as soon as I was leaving a lightbulb kind of ding-ed. CUT IT!! Then I realized, along with the main reason why I run around half naked, is that I like shirts that are way too short. Whether it be just a plain cotton crop, or an oversized woven, or a sweater. Didn't realize I owned as many as I thought I did. Anyways, sweaters in the summer time are obviously not a good mix and match. But! They're super cheap and they're super fun to cut and shred and stretch and sleep in and etc. Seriously, I think I'll just wear a sweater and call it a night.

 Avec beaucoup d'amour,

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