Thursday, July 21, 2011

You know what I hate? Girls that call them belly shirts.

I really do apologize for the delay in an update. It's been what, almost a month? I don't have a real hard grasp on time anymore. I've been searching for happiness in what seems to be a figment of my own imagination. But I will say that each day is getting a little bit easier. And when I say a little bit, I mean bite size.

Back to business though.

At least once during a shift I will come across a little girl asking for a belly shirt or a shirt that comes up to here, pointing at the bottom of their AAA cup b00biez. I try not to be bitter and snooty but sometimes it's just hilarious because they act like I'm an idiot for working at a retail store. I have dreams and nightmares about someone placing a black body con skirt in my section when it's not called for, or exploding placement racks or someone placing a ditzy floral blazer in my section when I only get black and navy double-breasted blazers with military buttons. I could go on and on about this rant. I got an interesting email a while ago about what a typical merchandiser with Forever 21 thinks of. Ha you really wanna know? I'll use today as an example.

Should the face-outs be book ended at the middle of the wall or the outer panels? I don't have enough shelf brackets. If I add a sandwich shelf to the top of the wall, the porcelain hands will pass the border or the wall, meaning I can't even fucking use it. Fuck fuck fuck. Oh well. I'll make the walls bright and the fixtures pastel and maybe a few other fixtures primary colors. Oops. I don't have enough brights to stretch onto the other wall. Well then one wall can be brights and the other can be pastel and I'll divide the fixtures per wall. Single item yellow and teal shorts, but they're both technically pastel. If I use patchwork dresses as the bookmark on this wall, I gotta use it on that wall. I don't have enough long sleeve stripe sweater, but I have a stripe tank that matches that color. But if pink is here then blue has to be next to mirror the wall. Everything is everywhere and I need to sort, but I need to fake this section out. Stop touching my rack. Do 15 year old girls wear scarves to school? I have miscellaneous promotional items but where do I put it? Not on a 4-way or a chang or my wall. Fuck it. It's going on the 4-way. Those flowers are too similar to be paired in the same outfit. Are overalls considered bottom elements or dress elements? Well since there's only 4 I'll use this on the faceout. Wait, I can't. It's pastel and not bright. Fuck, it's 4 o'fucking clock already? Shit.

Everyone in the retail industry is preparing for the back-to-school theme. We started our's already. Of course, school. So you know that stripes and blazers and railroad striped shorts are pretty important to have. Alexa Chung based. And then you have to have a grunge section all the time, and the way I merchandised it made it seem not so poser-like. Not trying to sound full of myself, but I don't understand why I was never given the alt sections. I was always stuck merchandising tribal prints or stripes or florals. Anyways, thank Chloe Sevigny for that section.

As far as my style goes, I'm actually noticing the variety. I went on a date with my friend Kris and she and I had scored big time at Ross. I never go in there because I normally don't have time or the patience but this time, I was forreal looking. I walked out with $90 bucks worth of goods that should have cost me more. I'll take pictures of them whenever I have more time. But here's what I got!

1. Black cable knit oversized sweater with tassle detailing
2. Olive and dusty pink short sleeve chiffon crop top with buttons down the front
3. 3/4 sleeve green paisley and leopard print top with sequin detailing (worn as a dress since it's plus size)
4. Zebra print v-neck crop top
5. Muted paisley scarf
6. A true satin leopard print gown from Africa
7. Cream lace vest with mesh detailing
8. Body con zebra print skirt
And I feel like I'm forgetting something but if so, I'll update that shit later.

It's seriously amazing though how much shit you can get if you just spend a little time digging and searching. I've been on a happiness-searching adventure and what I'm learning now is that I need all the patience in the world to get me through my endeavors. Maybe that's why I feel a little more successful this time. I don't know though. Still there's always an ache somewhere.

Here's number 2. I'll try to make this more frequent. I love you all still, minus you you little wench.

Je vous le promets. Je reviendrai à vous.

Avec beaucoup d'amour,

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  1. Its been forever!! I love this and your tattoo is just so rad I just cant make out what it is haha glad to read youre doing well and are pulling through your loss.And i feel i need to go on one of those adventures. Everything here in florida is just going down best friends in the boyfriend and i split which hurts like hell still and this happened almost two months that word Wench made me laugh i havnt heard anyone say that in years! well hope youre doing well and that you slowly resolve issues with those who want to get them resolved.girl it me.and hey, you never know maybe by resolving some issues, it might take some weight off and get you closer to the happiness youre seeking.goodluck and cant wait for the next post!!



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