Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The last half: The tribute

I'm hoping that by now most of you that have read the last entry would've caught the star of the tribute. If not, yikes. High waist shorts. I used to wear those bad mamajamas everyday. Not a day went by without a pair. I was highly against pants or anything that covered my legs, besides my thigh high boots. I also mentioned that I didn't fuck with accessories because I was just too old school for that shiny shit. Well, basically that's all out the window. I spend 40 hours a week at Forever 21. I spend more time there, awake at least, than I do at my own home. The dress code has become so stupid serious for no god damn reason. So instead of wearing cute shorts with stupid sweater-like leggings, I might as well just get used to the idea of pants.
Slowly but surely, I've been building my collection of harem pants. I didn't fuck with them for a while, but seriously? It's one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn. Stupid comfortable. And especially at work? Bending down and getting on ladders and shit? It works. Even though I've been to work in a short body con skirt, 10 feet above the ground on a ladder, hanging banners or some shit. I mean, do you have a banner to hang in the next 15 minutes? Probably not, man. Oh but back on track, I even invested in some of those jeggings shits and a new pair of 1/2 leopard pants. I've been wearing longer shirts with little to no silhouette at all, strange right? I'm steering towards this grunge bohemian asshole. And accessories! I've been wearing them. Slowly building up my collection of chains, crucifixes, feathers, and pendants.

But just so we're clear, I still would wear a pair of shorts over pants. All day.

Avec l'amour,

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