Thursday, March 8, 2012

In my favor, opposites end up actually attracting.

Whenever I'm observing customers walking around my store, I definitely gaze at their outfits anywhere from a few seconds to the entire time they are in my shop. Weird I know but I am an observer. I look at every little buckle, button, origin of print, etc. I even look at the customers' faces and hair and build. I'm going to just now say that I don't see this often but when I do see this, I'm kind of intrigued. 

Remember what I had mentioned about individuality? You all have your own flares and you have to use it to the best of your abilities. What do you have that makes you different than the girl next to you? Can't use piercings or tats anymore because y'all trend snappers ruined it for us all. Whether it's your hair color, the way you smell, whatever! You have something that that other girl doesn't have. That's for your big "ha ha" moment. 

Well for me, I like opposites. I like making connections between things, and sometimes forcing connections. Recently I had decided to ease up on the shopping in the darker sections. I'm kind of growing up a bit and I realized that my clothing doesn't quite say nice things about me. So lately, I've been buying a bunch of girl shit. Yeah, girl shit. I'm waiting for some high rise pants to come in as well as paper bag trousers and leather skimmer tan flats. Granted I did buy a pair of harem pants, but they were American Apparel and I kind of had to. Otherwise, it would've been betrayal ahuhuhuhu ! But anyways, while I only have 2 "modest" outfits, I have to make due with what I have. I'm totally fine with looking like a Courtney Love that showered or like a Tila Tequila (for you ignorant assholes) that left the adult industry to pursue a career in psychological engineering. Almost like the theory for the mullet; business in front, party in the back. 

Basically, I just feel like it's important to emphasize that you cannot let your flare go while you're going about different looks. I'm not totally ditching my boots or booty shorts or baby tops. But I'm making it work. Granted it's not genius, but it suits me. And I still remain a mystery. Enjoy the weather today all you east coasters. 

With lots of love, 


  1. So happy that you're posting again!

    Individuality is a rare thing my area. Everyone seems to be a clone, and whenever someone tries to express themselves whether through tattoos, wearing creepers with a frilly dress, dying their hair green, they get criticized for it. It's pure ignorance, and it's bizarre..when we are young we are told to be ourselves, and once we get older it's tragic to see how everyone wants to follow the norm. I'm all about letting your freak flag fly.

    Keep posting! :)

  2. Nice blog! I've been wanting to get back into my journaling...might have to make one of these myself. Anyways, what a coincidence! I was riding that same wave of updating my wardrobe with more classic feminine pieces than my usual. My goal is to have more of a sophistication flare but somehow still interpreting a sassy touch. I definitely feel as time passes & we "grow up" our style follows. Or shall I say our willingness to step outside our comfort zone is heightened. I would like to dress chicer to work but I have S.B.S ( Snooze Button syndrome ) Plus, I don't want my good stuff to get messed up. I even been putting an effort to wear less makeup. Today it seemed possible until it got to my eyeliner, lol. Anyways, I don't think I can ditch boots at all. I live in them. Props for trying to develop your style but still making it your own<3


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